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Rendezvous in Brugge, Belgium.

Let's rendezvous in Brugge, the town that seems to pop straight out of a Brother Grimes' otherworldy folktales. The bustling Grote Market place surrounded by delightful townhouses that bear resemblance to gingerbread cookies The juxtaposition of intricate neo-gothic basilicas and baroque palaces mesmerized passerby. The architectures screaming for attention in the most gracious and grandiose of ways.

I have a proclivity of falling in love with each European city I visit, much more deeply than I do with other human beings. The beauty and personality of a historical city are almost tangible, you could witness great art and literature as you walk through the winding old town roads, relive history at each corner you turn, so viscerally presented and unfold before your eyes.

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