Destination L.A. : Artsy adventure on Melrose Avenue / Most Instagrammable walls - Day 2 Travel Blog

Location: The Paul Smith Pink Wall on Melrose Ave
If I were asked to use only three words to describe Melrose Avenue it would probably be: vibrant, unique and chill. It's a place where cool, rebellious graffiti street arts meet quaint coffee shops. chic boutiques and edgy vintage stores populate the area. Today I'd like to share with you my trip to this beautiful and whimsical place.

  • Graffiti, Street Arts, and more Street Arts!
They say here on Melrose Avenue you can find some of the most instagrammable walls. Well, it's very true. If you ever wanted to take some Instagram-worthy outfit photos or Tumblr pics, I've got you. You've probably seen some of these walls on social media a bunch of time but never really know where to find it. Next time you visit Melrose Avenue, keep a look out!
  • Colette Miller Angel Wing wall

This is one of the most popular wall while we were taking pictures on Melrose. Young guys and girl were literally lining up just to get a picture in front of it.

Here's a little story behind the Colette Miller Angel Wing Project ---
" Artist Colette Miller launched her Global Angel Wings Project in Los Angeles in 2012. Miller says, “I created the interactive street art angel wings project to remind humanity that we are the angels of Earth.” The colorful wings first appeared in Downtown L.A.'s Arts District. Without prompting, people began posing with the wings and shared the photos on social media. "  - Read the full article on Discover Los Angeles.

  • Colette Miller Angel WIng Wall on Melrose Avenue
  • The Paul Smith Pink Wall

 Now you definitely know this famous pink wall. Even if you don't know it's a Paul Smith Store in West Hollywood. You've certainly seen pictures of people posing in front of this place! Next time you are in LA, why not take a stroll down Melrose and take some aesthetically pleasing photos in front of this all pink facade.

Where to find it: 8221 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood
  •  "Hello" Wall Art by Wallshoppe x Nathan Turner at Carrera Cafe

Carrera Cafe not only has one of the most delicious Greek salad I've ever had, the giant Hello wall art right outside their cafe is pretty eye-catching and Instagram worthy if I might add! 

  • Joy Rich Shop on Melrose
You can't miss this elegant shop while walking on Melrose Ave. If the classic flower wall store design doesn't please your eyes and makes you wanna stop and takes photos then I don't know what will!

  • Where to find it: 7700 Melrose Ave, LA.
Now it is no secrets that the boutiques and shops in West Hollywood are quite high-end and pricy. But just remember if you can't afford it it's perfectly okay. And with everyone carrying a high-quality camera phone nowadays, no one is stopping you to take a photo in front of your favorite clothing store even if you're not gonna buy anything, lol!

  •  The graffiti Art hidden in Melrose Alley.
 Hidden behind all the chic boutiques and cafes on West Hollywood's Melrose Avenue is a whole other world of edgy and colorful graffiti land. In Melrose alleys, you can certainly find the wild imagination and unlimited creativity of some of the most incredible graffiti artists. I apologize if I couldn't name the names of these talented artists as I'm not really an expert on graffiti arts but my admiration and respect for the arts are simply no less.

There are many more wall arts we yet to visit such as the Love Wall at Smashbox Studio in Culver City or the Made in LA Wall right on Melrose which we fail to find. Nevertheless, just these incredible street arts and the way they influence and inspire people and bring us all together in this one place is simply inspiring!

At last, I hope you guys find this blog post inspire or help you in a way. If you are planning on going on a wall art hunt down Melrose Avenue or in LA in general, I absolutely recommend you photograph it, document it and share it!


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