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Universal Studio Hollywood at night 
To anyone that's been to a Universal Studio knows that it always seems like there are way too many scintillating shops and stores for you to see in a single day. Let alone the exciting rides that you have to wait in line, sometimes for hours just to get on. So today here I am once again to show you, in my point of view --- more park rides experience and the things to do in Universal Studios, Hollywood.

  • Studio Tour
The video host of the studio tour is non other than Jimmy Fallon himself.

The plane crash scene from War of the Worlds

The universal Studio Tour is simply the one thing you can't miss while visiting the park. It is a behind-the-scenes, ride thru experience that you will get to see the backlot of Universal Studio where a lot of actual movie and TV filming takes place. You will have a chance to see some legendary film sets like the famous Bates Motel in Hitchcock's Psyco, Whosville in How the Grinch Stole Christmas. My favorite is seeing Wisteria Lane in real life because I simply love the show, Desperate Housewives. For more detailed information on the studio tour and tour hours, you can visit the Universal Studio website or download their app.

The studio tour is a highly popular attraction so it's best to either be there early so you don't have to wait, or you can purchase the Front of the Line ticket as I've talked about it in my previous blog post, it allows you to go on rides without having to wait in line.
Here's the infamous Bates Motel if you're a Hitchcock fan.
  • Jurassic Park - The Ride.
Jurassic Park Ride Entrance
Jurassic Park is a fun ride if you don't mind getting a little bit wet. You go on a river raft adventure inspired by the original Jurassic Park movie. I won't go into too much detail as I wouldn't want to spoil the experience if you've never been to Universal Studio. Let's just say the dinosaurs are super realistic and there's a little surprise towards the end of the ride!

Read more info on the Jurassic Park Ride Here
  • Revenge of the Mummy - The Ride
Now if you are an adrenaline junkie and is always up for a high-speed roller coaster ride, Revenge of the Mummy ride is definitely the one for you! The ride is combined with 3D and special effect with a lot of unexpected twist and turn that will undoubtedly make your heart pound. 

If you want a pre-experience of this ride before you visit Universal Studio, check out more info right here.
  • Transformers - 3D Ride
The entrance of the Transformers Ride

Even if you've never seen the Transformers series, the ride itself is super cool and the 3D effect in Universal Studio never fails to entertain the public. I'm not exactly a huge transformer fan either but I still really enjoyed the ride!

In front of the entrance of the Simpsons Ride
After we'd been on all the big rides, we went on and go to the Simpsons Ride and Minion Mayhem based on the Despicable Me movies. Going through the real life Krustyland sort of gave me a feeling that some crazy killer clown is going pop up out of nowhere. But still, I kind of dig all the dazzling and colorful background design combined with the Simpsons theme.
If you decide to ride the Minion Mayhem you gotta be prepared for all the families waiting in line. This ride is fun but I wasn't expecting it to be this popular!
  • Stores and more stores at the Universal Studios

I've probably said it many times before, but the thing I love most about spending the entire day at Universal Studio is looking at all the stores and souvenir shops. There are just so much detail and intricate design in every single display window. The choice of Universal Studio's architectural style also took my breath away. The buildings just ooze old Hollywood Art Deco glamour. It's definitely a place where you can take tons of aesthetically pleasing photos!

Alright, this is pretty much all I have time for today. I hope this blog post has helped you in some way if you're planning a trip to Universal Studio Hollywood. And if you are not I hope this post has invoked your desire to travel to the beautiful city that is Los Angeles. I was going to write another article solely dedicated to Universal Citywalk at night since there are so many interesting shops there. As I don't have time to do it today, please look forward to my futures posts. And In my next blog post, I will be focusing on my experience to the Warner Bros Studio tour and my trip to Griffith Observatory. Until then, I wish you an amazing day!


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