Destination L.A. : West Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive - Day 7 Travel Blog

Location: City of  Beverly Hills

 There are many things to love when it comes to The City of Angels. From the daring and colorful contemporary art covering the city streets to the boisterous young crowds dressed in the trendiest outfits roaming around West Hollywood and Melrose Avenue, just to name a few.

Palms Trees in Beverly Hills

 I for one just simply fell in love with the positive vibes of this city. I mean sure, some would start to say it can be a big scary city if you don't own a car and you gotta witness the horrendous sight that is the LA Metro, and it takes hours to travel from one place to another plus the living cost is way beyond average wage. what is so good about LA? Well, how about let's take a step back and just see everything with a positive mindset? There are already countless amounts of negative comments and energy floating around in our lives and all the judgments and criticism we have to deal with on a day to day basis. How about just this once, let's forget about the inconvenient and realistic side of things and just enjoy what the city has to offer. With the sun shining so bright all year round, the warm breeze of the west coast and the carefree lifestyle, how can one focus on anything else?

Today please allow me to keep annoying you with another Los Angeles travel post on the one and only Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive. It was on a sunny morning that I paid a visit to the City of Beverly Hills. I will be showing you the route I took to get to Beverly Hills and the things I saw along the way.

  • Bus Route: Santa Monica/La Brea to Beverly Hills

As you can see from above it is the route I took to get to Beverly Hills. Hope it is a bit helpful!

Interesting McDonald's Sign on N La Brea Ave

We basically started walking from our hotel on La Brea/Hollywood to catch the 704 bus on Santa Monica/La Brea. And yes, before you make any comments on how inconvenient and long it takes, I know there are young travelers that don't know how to drive or don't own a car. Or if you are simply backpacking and on a budget that you can't exactly Uber around. So for those that are traveling via public transport like me, and doesn't mind getting up earlier to catch a bus, here is the route I took to get from Hollywood to Beverly Hill. The bus ride was not even that long.

The Jim Henson Co.

As we were strolling down the North La Brea Avenue, I spotted the Jim Henson company and got a little bit too excited seeing a big Kermit the Frog statue.

The West Hollywood Gateway

Once you see the West Hollywood Gateway, you are there! The bus stop should be right next to the shopping center. Now according to Google Directions, you can either take Metro bus Line 4 or Line 704, they can both take you straight to Beverly Hills.

  • Beverly Hills

For someone like me that enjoy a nice quiet stroll down a wide open road with palms trees and the sun shining ever so brightly above. I loved Beverly Hills.
I arrived there at around 10 or 11am. It was super early but still, they were already quite an amount of tourist there.

You wouldn't really be able to see celebrities popping up on every corner or get a good look at their expensive mansions. But overall the ambiance was relaxed and tranquil You can definitely take lots of beautiful photographs of the palm trees and the famous Beverly Hills Sign. A tip for taking photos in the middle of the road like I was in the left pictures, there were SO MANY CARS. So do be careful! And I was really surprised at there were people literally sleeping in there parked cars. It was sort of awkward when you were trying to take photos and posing only to notice that they watching you in their cars the whole time, lol.

It was such a sunny morning and as anyone that has a passion for taking aesthetically-pleasing photographs would know, the lighting is EVERYTHING.
  • Rodeo Drive
Rodeo Drive photographed by me

GUCCI on Rodeo

Rodeo Drive is a conflicting place. It certainly makes me wonder what a strange world we live in.
You can tell by the sight of people parking their expensive BMWs and Lamborghini outside of a Louis Vuitton store that Rodeo Drive is without a doubt for the rich and famous. I was once one of those girls that were fascinated by all the glitz and glamour. However, over the years I've grown to understand the world and I can honestly say that material things are merely just that, materials. They can neither makes you a better person nor can they magically turn you into a cultivated human-being. I'm not going to be a hypocrite and say that I was not intrigued by the lavish high-end stores and the beautiful designer clothes. Sure, I admire them aesthetically. I am very much into fashion, design and all that. But seeing all these beautiful people having brunch at 208 RODEO sort of makes me realize that of all the people living on planet earth, only a handful of people can live like this. I can admire the rich and famous lifestyle all I want, but I'd rather be a more charitable and kindhearted human being that cares much more than material things. 

You might think I am over analyzing things, it is merely a shopping center you might say. But for me at least, traveling is much more than taking pictures and spending money, besides finding Instagram worthy places to take photos, traveling is supposed to make you think, it is supposed to make you feel something inside and realizing stuff, it is supposed to change you for the better and gradually shape you into a more knowledgeable and sophisticated individual. I know I certainly make an effort to learn and enrich my life through traveling, and I hope you do, too.

As today blog post comes to an end, I hope that besides showing you guys my one day trip to the City of Beverly Hills, you could get a little inspiration from my thoughts and my words. Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions regarding traveling to Los Angeles or if you simply wanna chat just leave a comment below!

Until then, Stay Beautiful! xx


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