Styled By Marina - Add Colors and Patterns to Your Wardrobe this Spring & Summer Season

Continuing with the colorful fashion aesthetics and retro style, today I'd like to take you on a joyful ride to amusement parks. When it comes to theme parks we automatically think of bright, saturated colors and tourists' laughter and endless screams. I, for one, is not much of a people person, being pretty much a hermit and an introvert, I very much prefer staying indoors and avoiding any kind of unnecessary human interactions, lol. But somehow I love going to amusement parks. There's just something about the thrilling sensations of a roller coaster ride and the general jubilant ambiance that fascinate me. I figured since theme parks are such colorful and exuberant places, why not dig up something fun and bold from my closet and wear it on my trip there?

From head to toe, I had on : 
Round Brim Hat: NET
Canary Vertical Stripe Shirt: QUEENSHOP
Black Velvet Palazzo Pants
Ankle Boots: BERSHKA

I adore this yellow, almost canary colored, wide vertical stripe shirt with really cool petal-like cuffs. It not only gives off a vintage, the 1950s all American vibe but also matches with theme parks perfectly somehow. And since I was already wearing such a bold colored top I paired it with a black velvet high-waisted palazzo pants. To finish it off, I had on my trusty ankle boots from BERSHKA. Oh, and I was also wearing a super chic round brim hat.

This look is super easy to put together but it instantly makes you look edgy, retro, funky and fun all in one. seriously though, when I was standing in front of a carousel taking pictures, I came this close to feeling like I was in a Melanie Martinez music video. However, if you are not much a fan of clothing with super bright colors, don't worry! You can always tone it down and go for a "safer" option --- pastel colors are just as fun to play with!

  • Smart Ways to Incorporate Patterns and Colors in Your Everyday Outfits

Daring patterns and bold colors have made their way back on to major Runways. Take big luxury brands such as PRADA and MIU MIU for instance. Whether it is intricate paintings on a blouse or cool graphic designs on a shirt. Find a way to incorporate something colorful and eye-catching into your daily wardrobe is certainly not a bad move.

As I have mentioned in my previous blog posts, I personally think the smart way to add colors and patterns to your outfits without the risk of looking too kaleidoscopic and complex is to only have one statement piece on you at a time. Say if you're already wearing a patterned blouse, you can choose a pair of simpler or darker colored pants, skinny jeans or a maxi skirt to match. In this case, everyone's focus will be on that killer blouse of yours. If you were to wear a bright colored shirt and a pair of floral palazzo pants at the same time then it might just get a little too complicated.

Last but not least, I'd still like to say that no matter what you choose to wear or what you decide to put on that killer body of yours, as long as you are comfortable with it and you wear it with the upmost confidence, you are the most beautiful and one of a kind girl out there!

All photo cred goes to my dear friend @weetziebones on Instagram. 


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