Styled by Marina - Sporty Spice Revamp. #OOTD

Every once in a while even the trendiest fashionistas and bloggers get tired of thinking about what to wear. If you are reading this and happens to be a blogger yourself, don't deny it, we all have one of those days. Whether you are just feeling incredibly uninspired by your wardrobe that particular day or you simply don't want to be bothered to put together a killer outfit. Trust me, we all get it. It's certainly no doubt that upholding the stylish image every single day is no easy work, lol. So here comes the serious question - what if you wanna be hassle-free while still look like you are on your A game?

Well, I've got some ideas for ya.

Sporty look has never been more in trend.
Now would be an excellent time to dig up your old high school PE gym wear. No, I'm not even kidding, for real though. Somehow sports pants and stylish early 2000s Juicy Couture tracksuits has made its way back into our daily stylish outfit choices. With just the right match and styling, you could be looking super chic yet feeling like you're going through your day in the most comfortable pair of pajamas.

 From head to toe I'm wearing:
Black Jersey Top  with White Stripes on the sides: Forever 21
Contemporary Palazzo Pants: VII&CO
Belt: VII&CO
Sparkly Sneakers: BERSHKA

I'm legit one of those girls that is terrified to work out or to the gym. As much as I know I need to start developing healthier habits other than laying in bed in my free time watching Netflix with a bowl of popcorn next to me. The sheer idea of exercise or going to the gym and getting myself all sweaty is traumatizing enough. But this year, sporty fashion has got me excited and I've actually CONSIDERED picking an exercise that will keep me in shape and stay healthy. well, let's see how that will turn out in a few months, lol.

Small talks aside, let's discuss casual sports style.

First, choose the right pair of comfortable pants
I have been really inspired by those gorgeous L.A. Instagram girls with their casual Adidas jersey sports trousers or track pants. Young Celebs like Kylie Jenner, Sarah Synder are also known for wearing sporty outfits.  Choosing the right pair of sports pants is crucial, but you gotta remember, you will most likely NOT be wearing these pair of pants to the gym. It's all in the name of fashion and for the sake of looking cute. Ditch the ever so uncomfortable skinny jeans this summer! Nobody likes the sweaty and awkward feeling of your skin sticking to your denim jeans during a hot summer day. Brands like Pull & Bear, Forever 21 and Bershka have their fair share of comfy and fashionable choices of loose trousers, sports pants, and culottes. Just pick one or some of your favorite pants that you feel absolutely easy and relaxed in. It's a bonus if they happen to have some cool details or design on it!

Personally, I love anything high-waisted enough to cover my belly so I could wear crop tops or sports bras without having to look like I'm exposing too much. But if you've got a killer body that you're not afraid to show off, hey, by all means ;)

Sports Bras, Crop Tops.
It's summer season! There's no better time to wear crop tops and similar midriff outfits. There are literally endless of options out there for you to choose. affordable brands are now releasing tons of crop tops and gym wear with amazing designs. Sports bras could be a fun, alternative choice as well, they don't necessarily have to be your gym clothes, even if you are lazy af and rarely work out, put on a cute sports bra and top it off with a bomber jacket, you could fool anyone!

Shooting Location: PARK UP TAIPEI
All photo credits go to my amazing friend @weetziebones on Instagram.


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