Styled By Marina - Unorthodox Wedding Attire for Edgy & Vintage Girls #OOTD

Weddings, I know what you are thinking, A beautiful bride gracefully glides down the red carpet with an amazing beauty pageant queen hairstyle in a super detailed, possibly Swarovski crystals embroidered white dress. Suddenly it's like you can hear 100 church bell ringing and the wedding venue is occupied by dreamy, pastel-colored interior decors, lots of flower petals, roses, and stuff.

So what do you wear when you are invited to a wedding?

There's always the overwhelming pressure that a girl attending a wedding must look nice and decent, presentable and elegant but at the very same time, not to steal the bride's limelight. Ultimately she is the center of attention, right?

Well, what I just described, is certainly NOT my kind of wedding. To my fellow edgy & vintage girls out there. This one is for you. Let's do something different and a bit outrageous for a change. Instead of succumbing to the normal and showing up in some generic pink or blue maid-of-honor kind of chiffon dress that you wouldn't be caught dead in, screw what other people think, just wear what you love!

From head to toe I'm wearing:
Faux Leather Vest: ZARA TRF
Velvet Turtle Neck Shirt: VII&CO
Plaid Pants with Blue Stripes on the sides: VII&CO 
Belt: VII&CO
Sparkly Sneakers: BERSHKA

Mix and match different styles together to create a refreshing new look has always been my favorite thing about fashion. For this particular outfit, I tried to incorporate two of my go-to styles: edgy & vintage. Of course. For starter, I chose a simple velvet top with my ZARA leather vest. I wanted to appear badass yet not to the point that I would scare off all the wedding guests. I absolutely adore my high-waisted pants because it's so retro and stylish yet somehow adequate enough for formal occasions. Lastly, I had on my BERSHKA sparkly sneakers.

I hope this outfit post has inspired you to just be yourself and fearlessly try new things. We as young and edgy fashionistas might constantly be judged by certain people or the society in general. whether it is because you were born into a traditional culture background that doesn't always appreciate individuality or it is the place you live people just don't dress like you do and you stick out. For whatever reasons, I encourage you to express yourself, through fashion, style, art, literature or any forms of self-expression. You do you, and if no one seems to appreciate you at the moment, just remember that I APPRECIATE YOU. And trust me, your time to shine will come. Here's to the ones that rebel against normality. xx


  1. Beautiful post darling! I love your blog, would you like to follow each other?:)

    1. Thank you :) really appreciate it! Love your blog as well❤️

  2. This is a lovely post, i have a lot of friends right who are getting married. It's so important to wear that makes you comfortable but i still do believe that there are some exceptions :) like its not cool to wear red or colorful clothes on a funeral

    1. i agree :) there are still formalities and traditions we gotta respect in certain occasions! Thank you for commenting, and I adore your blog !


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