Styled By Marina - Notting Hill, London #OOTD

Wild White Roses at Portabello Road

Alright, I have been M.I.A for the past two weeks or so. The reason for that was because I was lucky enough to travel to the United Kingdom. If you do keep up with me on Instagram or Tumblr then you probably already knew considering how regular I post my travel pictures, lol. I was beyond excited about it although the whole trip was sort of a very last minute decision. Before you ask, yes, I am going to be writing a lot of blog posts on the different cities and places I went to, so please look forward to that.

Before I actually have the time to sit down and write my first super thorough UK travel blog post, I figure I'd just pop up here and do a quick outfit post, just to show you guys what I wore for a chill and sunny day out at Notting Hill and Portabello Market. Of all the places and cool artsy markets, I've visited whilst I was in England, Notting Hill has to be my top favorite. The pastel architectures stood alongside all the way up to the hill, the trendy cafes around the neighborhood and all the outdoor food & flower vendors are just many of the few things you could expect to see in Notting Hill. I will be doing another much more detailed blog post on Portabello Market later.

Florists at the Portabello Road Market

Notting Hill is a fairly picturesque place. It has its own style and its unique vibe. It's artsy, whimsical and edgy all at the same time. It is also very intercultural. Besides the chic cafes and restaurants and the world-famous Notting Hill Book Store along with various other gifts shops selling echo bags and movie referenced souvenirs, you can easily spot a few Persian artifact shops and Middle Eastern antique stores. Cross the street market is an Indian spice store selling exotic spices, and next to it you could expect to find yet another hip vintage clothing shop.

Now I'm spilling too much, I am going pause for a second and get on with talking about the outfit. I got this super adorable and old school blouse at a vintage shop in Old Spitalfields Market (another market that was recommended to me by a fellow blogger. I absolutely love it!) I really like the kitten prints and the pastel pink color combination. As for my Trousers, I got them on sale from Urban Outfitter. Now I will say that even when it's on sale, Urban Outfitter is not the cheapest options for everyone, but I just thought I might as well get something I like while I'm in London. Anyone that knows me know how much I love high waisted pants and retro style, so there you go!

I genuinely enjoyed my day taking aesthetic, colorful townhouse pictures and exploring the oldest market in the UK. The neighborhood is an absolute gem and has got its own eccentric style and history. If you are like me that loves finding beautiful locations and take photos with it then trust me, walking around discovering cute houses and wildflower walls to photograph is also an interesting way to spend your afternoon here.

Pastel Pink Printed Vintage Blouse: Up Vintage ( @ Old Spitalfields Market )
Light Before Dark Checked High Waisted Trousers from Urban Outfitter 


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