Summer 2017, De-Stress and Breathe.

Hey, guys! Who is currently drowning in the mid-July summer heat and just generally feeling drowsy and lazy from Monday to Friday? Today I'd like to talk about something different. For all of you young working professionals out there more specifically. Ever get the feeling that you're just so overwhelmed with life and everything else? Like you are just so emotionally drained and so done with life that you just wanna ask "what is the point of all of it?"

Alright, before you think I'm going full dark and emo, let me give you a scenario:  You have graduated from Uni more than a year or so since then you have been so consumed with work and establishing your supposed ideal life to the point that you feel like suffocating. The crazy thing is you happen to like your job a lot, it's not like you are dissatisfied with your job and your current social position. It's just that between trying to impress your boss and making such an effort to take up more and more responsibilities, you somehow lost your passion along the way.

Having to balance work and personal life is no easy task. As I've been feeling stressed from work lately. I've decided to do a blog post on how to reduce stress and anxiety caused by work and the everyday busy lifestyle we all have.I'm certainly no expert on this, however, it has come to my attention that many young people are constantly feeling stressed and depressed from all kinds of social situations. It's mind-boggling how often we experience stress and it is unknowingly damaging our mental and physical health.

Well, I don't know about you but I have certainly had enough of it. Just recently I have had an intense couple of week at work and I was so stressed and exhausted to the point that I felt like my passion for my job was just gone forever. I do believe we can prevent ourselves from depression and feel stressed out by reaching a happier and more stable mindset. So here we go! (Do keep in mind that these are just my way of helping myself to achieve a calmer mental status and a more relaxed and peaceful state of mind. I'm in no way a healthcare professional, however, I'm hoping that you could find this blog post relatable and helpful.)

Turn everything off. And I mean everything.

As much as I LOVE scrolling through Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter and sometimes even Facebook (yeah, I know...). It's time to just throw away your phone (not literally) and tune everything out. Ignore those notifications and new updates. It has been studied that we live in such an overstimulated world, we sometimes don't even notice how much we are bombarded with excessive stimulation such as music, information, and other distraction. Ever get that nervous feeling whenever you get a notification on your phone? Yeah, I do too. I'd feel obligated to read it instantly. If I don't reply it I'd be wondering who is texting me, what If it's my boss giving me my next assignment, or what if my friends are having a great conversation and I'm left out.

The world is vying for your attention and feeding you all these instant news and latest updates, and all of it entering your brain needs processing. If you don't take your time to sort your thoughts out and process everything, it could lead to an increased stress response.

Personally, I've come to love not responding text messages after work. I find it so much better after an exhausting day at work you stop texting people and stop responding messages. Now it doesn't necessarily mean that you have to turn off your phone. You can still go on Twitter or check Instagram. I'm saying you can try and stop feeling obligated to have to text your friends and coworkers constantly and focus on YOU for once. Listen to yourself,  It's after work, you do YOU want to do, how do you feel? How are you today?

Once you start listening to your heart and regularly process your feelings and thoughts, not only can you get to know yourself more, you will also start feeling better.

Give yourself a vacation, escape!

I used to be one of those people that kept saying I'm just too busy to go on vacation and trips. Throwback to when I first started working. I was that ambitious, work always comes first kind of girl.  I was so hell-bent on proving my self and getting my boss's validation, I didn't even notice I was losing my physical and mental health along the way.  And the thought of having a few days off or going on a vacation was not even something I would consider doing.

It took me a while to realize that no matter how busy you are or how passionate you feel about your job/work, you NEED to find time to relax and travel. Because even if you love your job, doing the same thing over and over again on a daily basis will still make you numb and tired, if you don't go out there to try new things and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul, pretty soon you will start to complain about how your life is boring and you are stuck in a rut.

Start scheduling your next vacation and start booking your flights is a good way to make sure you don't cancel them at the last minute. Even if you are super busy and swamped with work, go on a spa retreat for a day or two is also an excellent way to de-stress.

Watch a movie, indulge in popcorn!

This might be a bit contradicting to what I just said about turning off your electronics, but just hear me out. We all love a good TV show or a movie. As kind of a TV addict myself, I enjoy watching TV shows and movies in my free time. I find it comforting in a way you could just escape reality and not worry about your own life. Whatever is troubling you at the moment would seem to disappear when you are enjoying a good TV episode. You might find yourself laughing along with a character in a comedy than you ever did in real life, and guess what? there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I believe that movies are supposed to be entertaining and mood lifting. If things get too complicated and hard to handle in your life, I don't see why not indulge in a nice movie once in a while.

Keep a journal or blog!

Writing down your feelings or simply sharing them with a friend, a family member or loved ones is important, but it's usually easier said than done. For instance, I wanted to blog for the longest time, but I was always intimidated by the possible fact that people might not like what I have to say. Or perhaps I was just not confident enough to show the entire world my opinions and thoughts.

However, I feel like ever since I started this little space of my own, not only can I document my life and use it as a place to express myself, I can also share my thoughts and problems with people that are potentially going through the same thing as I am. It is kind of therapeutic.

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