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221B Baker Street, London. Dubbed the world's Most Famous Address.

Here we go! So I've decided to do a quick blog post on my visit to the Sherlock Holmes Museum in Marylebone, London. Based on the world-renowned fictional detective character created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the museum has certainly gained quite a popularity since it first opened in 1990 considering how many people from all over the world come here everyday single day hoping to see the Victorian-style home of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. I myself basically grew up reading the Sherlock Holmes book series so I couldn't pass on the opportunity to visit the famous address.

Sherlock fans where you at?

How to get there?

The cheapest and fastest way is the tube, tube, tube! The Sherlock Holmes Museum is located conveniently near Baker Street Tube Station, merely a 3 minutes walk away according to Google Map. Once you got off the station you are going to see a giant Sherlock Holmes statue along with a lot of shops, cafes, and restaurants dedicated to the great detective. Hell, they even have Sherlock Holmes tiles inside the Baker Street Station which are really interesting and a great representation of the area.

I lived near Queens Park Station, so I took the Bakerloo Brown Line from Queen's Park Station, it's only 7 stops to Baker Street, Super easy and quick.

The Sherlock Holmes Museum and everything you need to know:

⇧ The museum ticket
Address: 221B Baker Street, London, NW1 6XE
Contact: +01+44+207 224 3688
Open every day of the year(except for Christmas) from 9AM-6PM
Admission: Adult £15 Child £10 (-16yrs)

⇧ The wax figures of Holmes, Watson, and Professor Moriarty.

Whether you are a loyal fan of the original Sherlock Holmes book series and can no doubt recite every single word in A Study in Scarlet, or that you are simply a fan of the movie adaptations or the BBC hit TV show, Sherlock. A visit to 221B Baker Street will definitely be an experience you won't forget!

Before you go......

⇧ The interior design and display of the museum.

Before you plan on visiting the museum, do keep in mind it is a rather small museum compares to others. The museum itself is a re-creation of the apartment from the Sherlock Holmes novels during the time that Holmes and Dr. Watson lived together. If you have read the books or at least seen the movies or the TV show, you can easily recognize some of the iconic scenes including the living room with two chairs and a fireplace where Sherlock and Watson would sit and talk, Mrs. Hudson's room and such.

Inside the apartment, there is no shortage of Victorian style home decor, from vintage wall clocks, black and white photographs to elaborately designed curtains and candle holders. The entire room just oozes nostalgia and you do feel like you somehow traveled back in the Victorian Era. As someone that loves anything retro, I loved it!

I won't be going into too many details about what the museum has to offer as it would ruin all the fun, I will let these pictures I took inside the museum speak for themselves.

⇧ Sherlock Holmes' personal possessions 
Even though the admission fee is quite pricey, for a die-hard Sherlock fan, you are absolutely going to have an amazing time there. Especially if you are not from London or the UK in general, you are gonna love seeing the Sherlock Holmes novels come to life. Props for the museum for doing such an amazing job re-creating every detail and description from the books. 

Another thing I gotta mention is that there are literally so many people queuing up to go to the museum every day. I arrived at around 11 am and waited for almost an hour to get inside. Due to a number of people visiting, the museum only allows a certain number of people inside once at a time to maintain the quality of the tour.

⇨ You have to check out the Gift Shop!

Like, literally how adorable are these Holmes teddy bears?

If you are on a budget travel and are not quite sure whether spending £15 at a museum is a good choice, but you still really want to check the museum out. Here is a tip for ya. You can enter the museum's gift shop for free at any time, it's where you purchase the admission tickets anyway. You can take your time in the gift shop, look around and then decide if you want to see the entire museum. The souvenirs are all so beautifully made and vintage-looking, I was instantly sold on it! haha.

I saw these really classic, Sherlock-Holmes style deerstalker hats being sold at the gift shop and was so close to buying them, but they were around almost £50 each. As good quality and aesthetic-looking as they were, the price was crazy. Nevertheless, a few days later I actually spotted the exact same ones at Portabello Road Market and they were only around £15 to £19, so I did buy it eventually and was overjoyed I got it at a much cheaper price, and the quality is just as good.


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