Seasons. #StyledByMarina

Late August, as September quietly creeps in on us,
Like a sneaky little Persian cat that moves without a sound.
We could feel the changes it in the air,
Something is approaching.

As the unbearable summer heat slowly dies down,
Leaves start falling from the tree branches,
Flowers that bloom ever-so-beautifully all summer long begins to wither.

"I am not afraid of changes", you whisper to yourself.
"I have been adapting and evolving all my life.
Like a clever chameleon,
Changing its colors and hiding in plain sight in order to survive.
Forever observing its surroundings and transitioning into a better version of me."


If there is no ending to this story,
Why waste time mourning the death of summer?
We ought to be celebrating the new beginning.
Embrace the crisp, fallen leaves and the chilling afternoon breeze.
Welcome the nostalgic feelings that Autumn seem to bring upon us,
and the heart-warming scents of cinnamon mixed with vanilla.

Mother nature gifted us four seasons for a reason.
She knew, a long time ago that we'd be bored of the same mundane life.
So by the prickling of  her thumbs,
She gave us the beautiful season that is Spring,
Like a teenage girl, one minute she is melancholy and moody,
and all smiley the next.

Summer is a vigorous little kid,
With her endless weekends, laughter and infectious sunshine,
Never lacking energy or drive.
We spend days in the valley, nights in the desert,
And we have music that could last a lifetime.

And then Autumn comes with her shades of brown, yellow and burgundy red.
It is a time when all your senses are open,
You just feel everything.
The vintage nostalgia,
The whiff of warm spices and pumpkins,
The smell of dry, fallen leaves during your morning walks.
The festive seasons has just begun.

Lo and behold, In comes the long-reigning White Queen,
She casts her magic and turns the world into a glass snow globe.
As Christmas Carol fills the icy December air,
Everything becomes dormant,
The world falls into a deep, peaceful slumber,
Waiting for the next chapter to begin.

Shooting location: Taipei Botanical Garden
Photography: @huiyui0314 on Instagram

Printed Shirt - Vintage
Choker: Hot Topic
High Waisted Pants - GU Japan


  1. Very nice.

  2. Love your pants! And loved your blog!


  3. Thank you so much :) and yess let's do follow each other :)

  4. I love your writing - it's such a perfect post. Those photos are absolutely stunning too - I particularly love the recurring theme of the sunflowers!

    Heather xx

  5. This is beautiful, thank you for sharing!


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