60s Nostalgia. #StyledByMarina

Checked prints, ruffles, and frills always remind me of the glorious 50s and 60s fashion. There's something about checked shirts and ruffles that just screams vintage to me. As I've since noticed that checked prints and ruffle designs have been really in trend this year and continue to appear on a lot of designers' collections and major retail stores such as ZARA, ASOS, and Urban Outfitters.

Continuing with the Autumn, retro theme, today I decided to do a quick blog post on how to find the perfect checked and ruffle blouse that suits you. I've noticed a fair amount of bloggers and celebrities are sporting this look as well. The way I like to style this kind of blouse is with simple black, high-waisted pants, preferably culottes because they are super comfortable, they compliment your body shape really well, and you can literally do anything wearing culottes. With the top itself is such a statement piece already, it's always smart to have a simpler bottom to match.

Before actually owning a checked ruffle blouse. I really wasn't sure if I would love this kind of style on me. I'd been seeing a lot of bloggers wearing it and it always looks amazing on them, however, I really had a hard time finding one that would fit me and looks great on me. Funny thing is I was never the one that tends to steer clear of vintage or printed shirts. I love me some shirts and blouses that have interesting prints or design on them. But I really had my doubts on those ruffle embellishments. So one advice I'd give is that when it comes to a top that has some kind of elaborate and statement design on it, make sure to try it on first.

This outfit combination is honestly so easy and quick to put together, the top is retro and sweet, and the velvet high-waisted culottes is quite edgy and cool.  I love trying out new style and clothing I have never tried before and always enjoy mixing different outfits and creating a completely new look. Because often times when two things look like they are not meant to be together, but when you put them in the same room, you just might be surprised by how well they clicked.

I'm wearing:
Checked ruffle blouse: NET
Black velvet culottes
Glasses: Owndays

Shooting location: Museum of Drinking Water
Address: No. 1, Siyuan St, Zhongzheng District, Taipei, Taiwan.


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