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Ethereal Amsterdam.

Some people are born to be free.
In a world that a propensity to label and categorize things,
they can't be emulated or compartmentalized.
It's all about freedom of mind and thoughts.
Life is not composed of binary choices to them.
Between yes or no, do or don't, forward or backward, copy and paste,
they found an alternative way to live in our simulated society.

It's an ethereal state of being alive.
Few people truly understand you, and that's alright.
Young minds and old souls collide.
It's hot and cold, fire meets ice.
It's thought-provoking and provocative.
Audacious expression of individuality,
the constant flow of creativity torments your mind.

Autumn/Winter Wishlist 2017 ft. #StyledByMarina

As Halloween and winter approaching, I am certainly on the lookout for good outerwear and clothing for the upcoming winter season. This time I really dug deep and found out the online store Gamiss has got some stylish winter clothing items from trench coats, jackets, sweaters to accessories and bags, you name it, they've got it. They also have an amazing collection of party costumes and home-decor for the festive season which blew my mind.

Naturally, I then decided to put together a wishlist featuring several of my favorite clothing pieces from the Gamiss website, hope you guys enjoy!

➧Your Go-To Signature Coat is Everything!

Long Sleeve Turn Down Collar Peacoat - Brick-red

Back Slit Wool Blend Cape Coat - Camel 

Bags Mania.

 Rivets Faux Leather Chain Crossbody Bag - Black

Rivets Contrasting Color Crossbody Bag - Black

➧ Killer Boots.

Dual-buckle Punk Platform Boots - Black

 Lace-Up Patent Leather Platform Shoes - Black - 37

Alright, I hope you find this wishlist useful and give you a little autumn and winter style inspirations. I am truly thrilled to found some really trendy and edgy stuff on the website. is an all-in-one, Wholesale online website that offers you some incredible products at a reasonable price. It's almost like a treasure box. there are literally so many items you can choose from. Besides all the amazing clothing deals, I noticed that they offer great home-decor products such as bedding, blankets and throw pillows as well. I would definitely be re-visiting Gamiss!

Gamiss is currently having a Halloween sale, if you'd like to, just click the link below and start shopping. I wish you all have a spooky scary Halloween :)


  1. Wow!! That coat & hand bags are too good.

  2. Amazing selection, I love the coats!
    Kisses, Paola.


  3. Great selection!

  4. Really like the brick red coat I think this would go with everything and looks really warm too :)

  5. that brick red coat is just so elegant and gorgeous,
    I want it! NOOOOWWWW!!!!!!!
    *loved your styling choices btw! Nice taste ;)

  6. I love the red coat, I have a similar one :)
    Have a happy Halloween!
    xoxox, Dorie

    1. thank u Dorie :)
      I know, the color of the coat is beautiful isn't it?:))

  7. I loved this and I have to do some fall shopping myself. I did love the handbags!

    Kimberly Love
    Author of You Taste Like Whiskey and Sunshine,,,,

    1. Happy Autumn shopping :)) xx thanks for your lovely comment.

  8. great clothes! i love this greay coat<3

  9. Very nice clothes and great blog ♥ Very inspiring!

  10. Must have pieces! :)


  11. I love this wishlist.
    They have such amazing coats on Gamiss !

  12. Amazing wish-list babe!!!


  13. Great Wishlist<3
    We wish you a lovely day

  14. Love the bag!

  15. I think I want everything! Great choices! :D
    Thanks for the comment!

  16. Love these pieces! x


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