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It has been almost 5 months since I left the enchantingly beautiful city of London. But until now, I still feel like I left my heart in Notting Hill and it remains there to this day. The bright and colorful townhouses and the crowded 7-day market consists of food vendors, antique dealers, bookstores and other eccentric shops. Today I will be focusing on the general introduction to Portobello Road Market, one of the most famous markets in all of London. I hope you find this post helpful and even if you are not currently planning a trip to London, I still hope you can enjoy this post and who knows? Maybe by the end of reading this blog, you will find yourself wanting to book a flight to the amazing city that is London.

Whether you've heard of Portobello Road from those who had visited the place before, or you recognized this place from seeing it in the movie Notting Hill starring Julia Roberts or Hugh Grant ( how can you not?), or you are planning a trip to the UK and are looking up all the must-visit landmarks and places and stumble upon this blog post, you are bound to fall in love with the uniqueness and ambience of Portabello Road Market.

Direction. How to Get There?

Address: Portobello Road, London, W11

I will insert the travel information from the official Portabello Road Market website to give you guys a clear instruction on how you can visit the market either via tube or buses. It's fairly convenient.

Market Opening Times

Portobello Road Market is actually several markets combined in one. There are antique market, fruit and vegetable market, vintage clothes market and much more. What you will see depend on which day of the week you visit. I visited the market on a Friday, I saw a fair share of everything from flower stands, vintage clothing market as well as antique dealers. But apparently, Saturday is the day when the market would usually be in full swing and packed with visitors both locally and from abroad!

For a much detailed info on what markets and stalls are opened each day, be sure to visit the official Portobello Market website.

Expect to be Bombarded by Colors

No matter what day of the week you choose to visit Portobello Road, take your time and just enjoy looking at the colorful townhouses and residences. The aesthetically-pleasing florist and flower stands are also a sight for sore eyes. The unique beauty of Notting Hill is enough to make your head spin. I absolutely adored all the pastel-colored houses and shops and spent quite some time photographing everything.

Vintage Stuff...
Portobello Road Market is a gem for people that love vintage things. There are antique shops, vintage clothing store, jewel shops and so much more for you to explore. Alice's Antique on 86 Portobello Road is a really cool antique shop to check out if you are interested in vintage stuff and antiques. They sell everything from gorgeous teacups, Victorian style decor, and other beautiful collectibles.

If you love photography, I spotted a man selling all sorts of vintage cameras on Portobello Road which is very cool and interesting, definitely worth checking out.

There is no shortage of vintage clothes on Portobello Road, check out Goldsmith Vintage on 176 Portobello Road, it's a nice little vintage shop. Sara's Tiara is also a really cool all handmade hat and tailor shop, although it's technically not vintage, you could spot some truly original royal casque hats.

Food & Veg Market
The food and veggie market is simply heaven, especially for vegetarian or vegan people. I'm just going to let the photos I took speak for itself. I was able to find so many greens, fruits, spices, and berries that are either too expensive or I couldn't find back in my home country.

I wish you a fabulous time...
Last but not least, it is your trip and your experience, go out and explore, find your own favorite shops and stalls on Portobello Road, pack your very own memories back and let it be your stories to tell. For me, sometimes it's not about whether or not you actually go to a famous landmark or a must-visit shop or place while traveling in a foreign city. Every once in a while you would stumble upon a quiet street or a quaint little house with white roses growing so beautifully on the front fences, at that moment you couldn't help but admire it. Not only for the beauty of the roses but for the power of nature itself, and how you managed to travel a thousand miles and see the world with your own eyes. The wide roads we walk through, the new knowledge we learn, the fun people we meet along the way, the things we see and the history we made, these are the reasons why we travel.


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    1. Thank you so much Ivana :) Im a fan of your works as well :)

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  3. Adorei as fotos e fiquei com vontade de conhecer esse lugar. Bjs


  4. I really want to visit Portobello market some time. I keep hearing about it from blogs to movies and the place look so colorful :)

    xx Alyssa | STYLE VANITY

    1. It's amazing, you have to go :) thanks for your comments Alyssa xx

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  8. I really need to head there again sometime soon; I barely go there considering I live less than an hour away haha. Love your style of photography/imagery by the way; so unique.


    1. Living near Notting HIll or in London is just a dream of mine!
      I'm so jealous of you :))

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  10. These are so beautiful pics of London. Love the vibe!

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