The Art of Solitude. #StyledByMarina

"The monotony and solitude of a quiet life stimulate the creative mind." - Albert Einstein.                                      
What is your take on being alone?
Some value and enjoy the time spent being in their own company,
Others fear the sheer idea of solitude and loneliness.

I am the kind of person that cherish my alone time.
No matter if it's a casual Sunday afternoon stroll down my favorite little alley downtown,
A peaceful, sunshine October morning spent at a local coffee shop with my go-to order - a strong cup of hot Americano,
A lazy day-off in bed mindlessly watching whatever TV shows they have to offer on Netflix.
Or it is times like right now, sitting in my office writing a blog post with nothing else on my mind.
I find these moments so important yet so easily ignored by us.

American Poet May Sarton once said loneliness is the poverty of self,
Solitude is the richness of self. I couldn't have put it better myself.

Society is like a boring Television show on re-run,
filled with white noises, opinions, rules, and regulations.
Somehow a long time ago someone set a rule for all humanity that we must befriend each other,
Ultimately get yourself a companion, get married, build a family and produce offsprings.
And we just kept on going and going and going,
Chasing after the life we are "supposed" to live.

While all of that seems anything but bad.
Few of us truly stop for a second and listen to the voice deep down in our heart,
Let me ask you this:
Are you easily convinced by all those around you?
Are you prone to seek others' opinions without even asking yourself first?
Do you constantly seek and build your confidence in others' approval?
Have you given up what you love to do a long time ago in order to fit in?

Who are you?
Who am I?
What do you wanna do with your life?
Are you alive, or are you just existing?

It is a simple question but we might not even be able to find the answer in this lifetime.
Well, perhaps there are no right answers, it is for you to create your own.

Every once in a while, stop what you are doing, and spend a little time with no one but yourself.
Let yourself immerse in your own thoughts and be aware of your own fullness.
You are more than enough, you can be as creative as you want, as happy as you like,
most importantly, you are able to be YOU.

Through these solitary moments, you are rid of all those titles society used to define you:
a wife, a husband, an employee, a business partner, a student or a teenager.
You can just be you, or whatever you want to be.

Solitude is independence,
you are able to emancipate yourself from irrelevant opinions,
Stop being self-conscious and start feeling confident,
Stop restraining your mind and start creating.

I should know because I have come to love my own company, find time for myself in this hectic yet incredible world we live in. And that's when the magic happens, that's when I find myself.

 " Solitude is creativity's best friend, and solitude is refreshment for our souls."
 - Naomi Judd, American Singer-Songwriter
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  1. That was very thought provoking Marina. I love being by myslef. It's when I can recharge my batteries and actually really connect with my best friend; ME

  2. I love socializing and meeting with people but I also love being by myself, with a cup of tea and a book.. Or just to ride my bike, take a walk and think. I am always more creative by myself

  3. Beautifully said! Alone time is something that everyone needs once in a while. Thanks for the inspiration. :)

  4. I love to meet new people and you never know what new is there to learn from everyone.

  5. Being myself sometimes help me to think about many things, especially when I have a problem or stressed. Sometimes I will go and relax in a quite and peaceful place. Great article!

  6. I love my me-time, that is when my mind relaxes and I am more productive, just a cup of tea, some old music or a book. You are so pretty, love your outfit.

  7. I love socializing and meeting new people too but i love a good alone time . Really loved this post.

  8. I love having alone time almost as much as I love the outfit that you are wearing. So cute. The colors are really nice on you.

  9. I prefer being alone to having a crowd. I'm probably the most introverted person you will meet. I love my husband's company, but everyone else - I'm ready to be away from them after a small period of time.

  10. Firstly you look lovely!!! I happen to love solitude. I love being by myself. Most days I don't need anyone.


  11. Very thought provoking. I think I've developed as a person through my alone time and while I used to dread alone time I had to get used to it, not I truly enjoy it. Of course I love being around others too but I do need my alone time. We can learn alot when we step back and ask ourselves the questions you've asked. Also, gotta be said.. love the outfit!

  12. Keeping a balance between alone time and time spent with others is very important.

  13. This outfit is amazing and this photos are gorgeous!

  14. I love socializing and meeting with people but I also love being by myself. I think most of the time I prefer being just me, myself and I. I love your outfit

  15. This was really well written. I do enjoy the company of others, but I enjoy alone time. Sometimes it's just meditating or reading. It's something that I need to make sure I do more often. I might need to make it a resolution for next year (I really work at keeping my resolutions).

  16. Such pretty pics. I love having time alone to think, catch up on tasks, or just enjoying a cup of coffee. I also love socializing but it's hard to talk to people all the time.

  17. Solitude is my favorite thing. I'm an extrovert by nature. However I moved to Spain and found that I needed lots of alone time. I don't know if it was being in a new country, but time spent by myself really helped me to reflect.

  18. Wow what a lovely autumn look,
    I love the polka dot blouse so much,
    nice ones :)

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  19. Amy from here - I love to be alone, just not too much, then i get lonely. haha. i have a balance i need to keep and it leans more to the side of alone. i'm an introvert, so i find time alone rejuvenating even though I like to spend time with others.

  20. When we travel. I always talk and socialize with other people. and you looks so beautiful in your outfit. Very well written.

    1. Yes, when it comes to traveling, I love meeting new people from different countries and learn about their cultures, stories and experiences. It's the best way to gain new knowledge and develope an open mind :)

  21. I love being alone! I definitely prefer it over being in a crowd or always having to have some one around me! I'm very content with doing this on my own and hanging out with myself.

  22. I seriously think that everyone does need their alone time. You look so cute- I adore your polkadot blouse.

    Rachel xx

  23. Very deep & thought provoking post. I'm an alone time person & I love it. I actually had to learn to be alone after being treated poorly by those I called friends. Didn't understand why they detested me so much to hurt me and I always tried to make them like me more & more until I realised it wasn't me it was them. Till date hun, I've never looked back.. Great post thank you

    1. Thanks for your comment Juliet. I have a similar experience with yours when it comes to my "friends". I used to be friends with people that was unknowingly dragging me down in life. When I' was with them I was unmotivated and all I did was gossip, party and "having fun"in life, I was not doing anything to gain knowledge, be productive and do things I feel passionate about. When I finally had the realization that those people are not my true friends and I will never be better with them, I let go. And honestly, I had never feel better :))

  24. Great post, very thoughtful! I definitely need alone time after a stressful day.

  25. Great post, very thoughtful! I definitely need alone time after a long day.

  26. I am definitely a person that values alone time. I have a lot of it as my hubby does shift work and our schedules don't always match so I've gotten use to being alone a lot. It allows me to be productive and get lots done =)

    Rina Samantha

  27. Time for yourself is very important. And with.

  28. lovely pictures! great post!

  29. Hello darling,
    wow such an amazing look!
    After a long time here I am back!
    Have a nice week-end
    New post:

  30. I used to really struggle dealing with alone time, but I've learned to love it as it's a time where I can completely relax. Really insightful post!

    Heather xx

  31. These pictures are so beautiful!! And yes, alone time is so important :)


  32. You look so pretty an what an amazing thought.. I love being myself an enjoy my company when I am alone..
    Nice post friend! Kisses.

  33. I love being alone, Sometimes I even find it more fun than being WITH people. Loved the post! :)

  34. Love your post! According to myer briggs, im the most “extroverted introvert”. People are confused at times and think I’m an extrovert but I absolutely cherish my alone times. This is where I feel most creative and allow my imagination to motivate me. Being alone is good. I also love to spend time with family and friends but always need time for just myself. :)

  35. This is Great!! I especially love the photos and your style!! 👌


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