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Ethereal Amsterdam.

Some people are born to be free.
In a world that a propensity to label and categorize things,
they can't be emulated or compartmentalized.
It's all about freedom of mind and thoughts.
Life is not composed of binary choices to them.
Between yes or no, do or don't, forward or backward, copy and paste,
they found an alternative way to live in our simulated society.

It's an ethereal state of being alive.
Few people truly understand you, and that's alright.
Young minds and old souls collide.
It's hot and cold, fire meets ice.
It's thought-provoking and provocative.
Audacious expression of individuality,
the constant flow of creativity torments your mind.

Haeundae Beach and Gwangalli Beach, Busan #MarinaTravels

I have been fascinated by the great ocean since as long as I could remember. I used to dream about being a mermaid and swim across the seven seas, finding lost treasures and befriend with all sorts of amazing creatures under the sea. Well, A child can dream.

I reckon it is the vastness of the ocean that makes our imagination run wild. Not even the world's most successful sailors or the greatest conqueror in history has ever been able to venture to the farthest sea. It left us wondering, guessing and thinking what is at the end of the sea horizon. How deep does the ocean go? What might we discover in the deep blue sea?

Whilst on my trip to South Korea, I visited two of Busan's most well-known and popular beaches - Haeundae Beach(해운대해수욕장) and Gwangalli Beach(광안리해수욕장). Busan, being the largest port city in the country naturally lived up to its reputation of having some of the cleanest and well-kept beaches I've ever visited.

Haeundae bears a similar resemblance to Venice Beach or Santa Monica Beach in Los Angeles. It is quite a famous touristy spot with a bustling promenade filled with restaurants and shops leading people all the way down to Haeundae Beach. I made it to the beach just in time to witness the beautiful pink sunset along with locals feeding seagulls breadcrumbs at the sandy beach. The ocean view is very relaxing and chill, one thing I noticed was how clean the beach is, and it doesn't seem to have the salty ocean breeze you'd expect in any seaside area. Not that the salty sea breeze is bad, but after a day at the beach, it does feel nice not to have tangled, sticky hair and messy makeup.

When night falls, like any popular tourist destinations, street performers come out to entertain, the promenade came alive and is crowded with people. It is an ideal destination for young travelers to experience the local vibes, enjoy a nice day at the beach and a great night out.

I have only spend a short afternoon at Gwangalli Beach so I wouldn't say I know much about the area, However, I still very much recommend you guys give Gwangalli a visit. It is a rather nice and tranquil neighborhood, contrast to the lively scene of Haeundae Beach, Gwangalli beach has significantly fewer crowds, at least my that was my first impression of Gwangan when I got off the subway.  If you couldn't resist the turquoise ocean waves and sandy beach, and you love a peaceful, calm stroll down the seafront boulevard and some alone time to relax, I think Gwangalli Beach would be an excellent destination.

That pretty much concludes my seaside adventure in South Korea, I hope you've enjoyed this travel post and do let me know in the comments below which are some the most beautiful beaches you have visited? I'd love to hear about your travel stories.


  1. I didn´t know about this place at all, but I totally agree with you, reminds me of Venice Beach!!
    And when I was a child I dreamed about being a mermaid too hahaha

  2. This is such a beautiful place and it seems so peaceful :)
    Thanks for sharing your adventure with us!
    xx Elisa
    Francine's Place | DIY & Lifestyle Blog

    1. aww I know, the beach really does calms me down and gives out such a peaceful and tranquil vibe.

  3. THese pictures are amazing. :)

    Thanks for sharing babe.

    X Merel

  4. Omg! Such a beatiful place! We dream about travel to Korea all the time! We hope that this dream will come true! :)
    Have a nice day!

    1. South Korea is definitely a place worth visiting ;) xx

  5. The pictures and the aesthetic is so pretty!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Looks beautiful! Love all the photos, definitely makes me want to visit
    LoneTeenTraveller | Travel Fashion Lifestyle

  8. Love love love this! The mood of your images are just 👌🏻👌🏻 South Korea keeps getting higher and higher on my list 💕

  9. Como mola, seguro que os encanto.

    Te dejo nueva propuesta navideña,

  10. Cool photos I love them all!
    Please visit my Blog!

    Alessa Bernal.

  11. Beautiful pics <3


  12. Aww it looks so cool! Amazing look babe! ♥

    Claudia, xx

  13. OMG I really did think that you were in Venice beach! haha. Its nice that you have a place like this that you can go to when you want to escape from the city for a bit!


  14. Oh wow, I had no idea South Korea has nice beaches. It's one of the next countries on my to-visit-list. Actually, I think it's the only country in South East Asia I haven't been to. Thanks for sharing these beaches!

  15. Love your pictures <3



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