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Toronto based digital influencer and blogger Eva Fydrych, also the founder of Fashion Studio Magazine - an online fashion, travel and lifestyle magazine, is no stranger to the international fashion scene. Long before she decided to turn her fashion knowledge and style perspective into a popular blog, she was working as a model and traveling the world. I was able to catch up with the influencer this November at Taipei In Style, an annual fashion event in Taipei, Taiwan and did a little interview with Eva and get to know more about her knowledge in fashion, trends, and fascinating travel destinations.

Obviously, we know that you started from a modeling background, could you talk a little bit about how that was like and how you got into the fashion industry?

Eva: That was a long time ago! Basically, I was interested in fashion ever since as little as I could remember. I was always around fashion, I also used to work in fashion retail in Poland and London for an Italian designer. Then I begin modeling when I was in London, I traveled to Asia and lived in Singapore most of the time, and The Philipines for work as well. When I was in Asia I did a lot of photoshoots in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Taiwan. It was a very interesting and exciting time.

➨ And you were really into Asia fashion and culture right? Because I figure it is quite different from the mainstream European style? 

Yes. I used to live in Asia on and off about two years. I think the experience really influenced me and that was when I started to be interested in the Asian fashion and designers. I think it is quite exciting to even be here in Taiwan because there are so many emerging trends, it is just great to see it all and to get to know the Taiwanese designers. They are all quite talented but might not be recognized as much in Europe or North America.

What made you want to start your own digital magazine and blog?

Eva: So I started my blog back in January 2011, quite a while ago. I just started it as a very small, personal project. I just uploaded a couple of articles and pictures, at the time I never had the intention to really grow it, make it public and promote it. In the beginning, I didn't even have other social media like we do now. I simply wanted to show people what was going on backstage of a fashion show and what it was like behind the scenes in the fashion industry. Because I used to meet so many interesting and emerging designers, they didn't have the big exposure yet in the big fashion magazines, so I just thought I could write about them. That was the original idea that came behind it. And then I started getting some positive response and feedbacks, I just continue making my blog bigger step by step.

➨ Of all the countries you've traveled to, From Europe, South America to Asia, if you have to pick one, which country do you have the most unique and interesting sense of style? (Besides Taiwan, obviously, because you are here right now!)

Eva: That's a very difficult question! I think on every continent there's something interesting happening right now in terms of fashion. But the first country that just comes to my mind when you asked the question, is South Africa. I visited South Africa twice. On my second trip, I was attending Cape Town Menswear Fashion Show. I also visited Johannesburg and some other cities. I was introduced to some amazing designers as well. I think South Africa's fashion industry is really growing. A lot of the designs are influenced by the local Africa culture, they are using traditional prints and patterns, I love the textile there because they are so colorful and inspiring. Combining traditional fabrics with modern cut and design is an interesting mix, the style there is very much between traditional and contemporary.

You were originally from Poland, and you're now based in Toronto, Canada. Do you still go back to Poland every so often?

Eva: Yes! I go back every year, I really enjoy going back because my family and friends are all still living there, plus I love polish food, which I miss the most when I'm abroad! I'm actually going back to spend Christmas in Krakow this year.

➨ Obviously, you have lived in Toronto for quite a while, what would say, style-wise, would a chic, modern, young Canadian girl wear on a daily basis? What are some of the popular trends in Canada right now?

Eva: So the Canadian style trends are very much influenced by the US., but the style is very diverse as well. In cities like Vancouver, there is actually a lot of Asian style influences due to the Asian population. While in Montreal it's more influenced by European trends. As for Toronto, it is a little bit like New York, we get a lot of fashion news from the U.S. All in all, I would say the Canadian style, in general, is very different from Europe, it is very casual, everyday style, a lot of super comfortable clothes, for example in Toronto you would rarely see girls wear high heels on the streets, you would mainly see girls in sneakers and trousers, I think the Canadian girls love to feel comfortable in their clothes.

 Personally speaking, what is your favorite style at the moment? And what style trends do you think will be an on-going trend in 2018?

Eva: So I have a couple of favorite styles at the moment. When it comes to jewelry, I love statement earrings, and I like the trend of wearing just one big earring. I think it's quite interesting and different, as a matter of fact, I just saw it here at one of the Taipei In Style fashion shows. I also like asymmetrical prints on dresses and top, it's another popular trend I love. And I enjoy metallic, silver and gold color as well!

As for what style will go on to be trendy in 2018, I think red is a super hot trend right now, and I suppose it will continue in spring and summer in 2018, which I'm quite happy about because red is one of my favorite colors!

You have lived in many different countries and fashion capitals, which city do you consider to be the most unique, self-expressive and just oozes confident?

Eva: Well, I've been fascinated by New York for a long, long time! It always surprises me with something new whenever I visit, it is just such a brilliant city, so vibrant and full of energy, there is always something interesting happening. It is a little bit hard to compare because like other fashion capitals such as Paris or Milan, I never did live in New York for a long period of time, while I have lived in London for five years so it does feel a bit like home. I think each city has a distinctive style, but if I have to choose one, I'd go with New York!

➨ Lastly, tell us about your next travel destination and what are some of your upcoming plans and project?

Eva: I'm actually going back to Colombia after Taiwan. This time I'm going to the city of Medellín, and it is not so much about fashion, although I will still be discovering some new local designers like I always do. But the trip is a collaboration with the Medellín Tourist Bureau to write about travel in Colombia during Christmas season. I think it will be an exciting trip. Afterward, I will be heading back to Poland in December. And that's pretty much what I have planned for in 2017. I've been on the road so much and been to so many shows this year, December is going to be the time to rest and enjoy Christmas! I will go back to Canada at the beginning of 2018, so far I don't have any solid plan yet but I do have some ideas here and there, so I'm delighted to see what the new year will bring.

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