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Prague is for the Intellectuals

I wrote a poem
Dedicated to the old and new versions of me.
For I was young, headstrong and wild.
A bit more composed and sagacious now.
I got friends, made a few foes.
Witnessed humanity at its high and low.
Too belligerent to made peace with the world.
Wouldn't change a thing though.

I traveled to Prague,
where intellectuals and artists congregate.
Finding peace in chaos and solidarity.
Collecting knowledge in castles ruins and on St. Charles Bridge.
Spring scene filled with Kafka's melancholia and Mucha's elegance.
The ancient spirits they said: sic transit gloria mundi,
Yet I don't see that happening here in Czechia.

Boracay Travel #MarinaTravels

Escaping to an exotic and tropical island in South East Asia for a get-away vacation was something I had always wanted to do. I was fortunate enough to jet off to the beautiful and exciting island - Boracay for a few days. The experiences along with plenty of lovely travel memories, as well as one of the most hospitable countries which is The Philippines will forever have a special place in my heart.

Boarding an airplane is both an incredible yet slightly daunting business.
You are hyped at the idea of going to a new, foreign country, nevertheless, you could think of just about 30 different scenarios of how your journey could potentially go wrong. (I have met a fair share of people that love to travel, yet are terrified of the idea of getting on an airplane, I know how contradicting it sounds. )But eventually, the joyous feeling would always trump any sort of negative thinking. And just like that, you are all set and ready to take off.

As soon as I touch down in Boracay, I was instantly blown away by the gorgeous natural landscape, the cordial welcome, and the impeccable sunny weather.

Just imagine it for a second:

You are bathing in the crystal clear ocean, the water is so resplendent and luminous, and you could see schools of fishes swim by your ankles. You are taking in the white beaches and the hot, powdery sands, relishing the rigorous and sweet island sunshine,
rows of glossy and green palm trees swaying back and forth in the ocean breeze.

At this exact moment, nothing bad can really happen, No worries or any sort of dreadful memories could disrupt you from enjoying this moment. That's the beauty of traveling,
You could leave it all behind. The stress and pressure you face back home almost seem non-existent and irrelevant at this point.

As I take a stroll down the island's captivating coastline, with a giant, sweet coconut juice in my hand, I feel a sense of happiness, excitement, and satisfaction rush through my brain.

It was then I truly realized that one doesn't need an ostentatious and luxurious get-away vacation to relax and renew. You could simply pick a place you like, an ancient city, a cottage in a mountain, a tropical island, and disappear for a few weeks. While you are there, try to listen to your inner self, clear that messy thoughts of yours and enjoy the rare solitary times. You'd be surprised by the joy and gratification that come out of it.

→Location: Station 1 and 2, Boracay Island in the Philipines
More island travel post and photography coming soon, stay tuned :)


  1. I absolutely loved looking at this travel post. The beach looks so beautiful and your style made the perfect statement!


  2. This location looks amazing! thank you for sharing

  3. you look so pretty! I LOVE the dress x

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  5. You look amazing! Love that pics!!
    Mónica Sors

  6. Amazing photos!

  7. I'm one of the people who loves to travel but, hate sitting in a plane. Ha!! Great shot here and you look wonderful in your holiday wears.

  8. What a beautiful place! I love your beach photos.

    Gemma x


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