Island Hopping : Crystal Cove and Puka Shell Beach. #MarinaTravels

Waking up every day on the tropical gem that is Boracay Island is enough of a treat for me. On my second day here I went on a little adventure and decided to go island hopping. This is a must for anyone that travels to Boracay, you are able to see more of the island and it's surrounding area, not to mention being able to sail around the aquamarine ocean. It is estimated there are more than 7000 islands in the Philippines, so you might as well see a few more while you are here.

→ Joining Local Day Tours
Anyone that has vacationed in the Philippines would know that the main transportation is by boats. If you ever want to go island hopping, the easiest and the most convenient way to do it is to join a local day tour. There are tons of tour guides and companies selling various different water activities and island tours for honestly such discount prices on the streets of Boracay. You could choose whichever tours you like and book them online in advance, or simply pick one when you arrive on the island.

I did my fair share of research and book a one day island hopping tour and visit several places around Boracay. The overall experience was really nice, the tour will previously arrange all transportations to and back from the sights and a meal(lunch) for all participants. It was hassle free and we get to focus on enjoying the day.

If you wish to book your tour in advance and save you the time of having to sort out which tour to join after you arrive in Boracay, there are two useful apps that you can book various travel tours and see the other tourists' reviews. Those apps are Klook and KKDAY.

→ Puka Shell Beach

Puka Shell Beach, also know a Yapak Beach, is situated in the northern part of Boracay Island. It is a quieter beach compared to White Beach that stretches across Station 1 to Station 3. The sand here at Puka Shell Beach lives up to its name and is consist of a mixture of a great variety of seashells and white sand. I'd say it is a serene place to just relax and lay on the many beach chairs and have a glass of fruit smoothie and take in the gorgeous seaside view.

→Crystal Cove Island
You'd regret it if you don't visit Crystal Cove Island when in Boracay. Despite how crowded and touristy this place seems to be, the breathtakingly natural crystal coves are surely going to leave you feeling amazed. I truly enjoyed watching island people's dance performances, visiting the little marine museum on the island, and seeing the magnificent crystal coves in person.

An advice to anyone that is visiting Crystal Cove is that it does get a bit crowded at times, the coves only permit a certain amount of people at the time to go down, most of the time you do have to wait in a line to be let down to see the cove. I'd suggest to first go in the coves and then take your time looking around the rest of the island. It is indeed, an incredibly attractive and stunning place to satisfy your endless longing for more gorgeous palm trees and ocean views!

Hope y'all find this post interesting if not informative. I do enjoy writing more travel post and please look out more upcoming post and photographs from my trip to Boracay. xoxo


  1. Wow, amazing place and your floral blouse is everything!
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  2. Wow, this looks like a fabulous time! Thnaks for sharing!!

  3. Wonderful pictures, what an amazing looking place!
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  8. Loving this travel post and these pretty photos. I'm in need of a tropical vacay :)

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  10. These spots are really amazing! I love the colour of the water, it's so tropical. I wish you had a great time!


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