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Whimsical Wild Thoughts in Zaandam &Volendam

Always the peculiar child that carries too much sadness and imagination.
Torn between the choice of breaking free or trying to assimilate.
Swimming in a pool of messy ideas, in a perpetual state of stalemate with the world.
Taking on your many alter egos. What creatures are we?

I don't know the answer to everything,
I haven't lived that long, nor can I claim I am the sagacious sort.
But I sure as hell know this:

In a world that demands too much from us,  I am a chameleon.
What you see could be an act, a facade, a trick of the eye or a glitch.
What you get is one in a million versions of me that exists simultaneously in this universe.
I didn't choose to be like this, I was shaped and formed by the very thing that influenced and labeled us into who we are --- our society.
The many alter egos are the solutions I conjured up to remain true to myself.

Neon Jungle.

There's a sense of uneasiness in the air.
All the flashing city lights blinded my sight,
My vision becomes blurry,
The utopia I see is deceiving.

The passing cars and their engines so loud,
I couldn't hear my own voice and clear my messy thoughts.
Drowning in a sea of white noises,
Trying to get a hold of my last shred of sanity.

We are all beguiled by the seemingly enchanting neon lights.
So vibrant and kaleidoscopic,
It lures you in and spits you out when you least expected.

But you'll feel like paradise first,
Like you are falling in love for the very first time,
Bathing in glitters and gold,
Possessing all the beauty and glory of the world.

Yet you are all so drunk in love to realize the danger hidden under.
Underneath it all,
It's a treacherous terrain,
A neon jungle that cloaked your judgment,
As it slowly devours you.

You could choose to stay, choose to play,
Choose to be a part of the glamorous scene.
Yet what you see is an illusion,
A beautiful phantom world that only exists in your wildest dream
Is it a lie or is it slowly becomes your version of reality?

As the light flashes and the colors change,
Even the most impeccable facade,
The ostensibly everlasting euphoria,
Will come tumbling down,
And all truth shall be revealed.

Some might argue that there is a symbiosis between humans and our fantasy.
Are we miserable without the fool's paradise we created?
Or should we finally wake up, grow up and stop lying to ourselves?

➤This dedicates to those who have been hurt, who has been through hell and back, and even when you hit rock bottoms or life has knocked you down countless times, you still stand up and keep moving forward. Because this is us, the scars and wounds we carry are proves that we are strong and beautiful.

xoxo, Marina


  1. beautiful outfit darling

  2. Very powerful. Love your photographs too, they're amazing xx

  3. Great outfit and gorgeous photos

  4. These photos are so cute! I love all these flowers!

  5. This plaid outfit is just too good!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  6. I always love your pics, you're so creative!
    Amazing look too!
    Kisses, Paola.


  7. Yes it is important to pick yourself up and keep going in tough times. And this look so helps with that! What a great look, so fashion forward.

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  8. amazing photos :D

  9. That's cool. I like your blog. Go to my blog

  10. What an explosion of color and happiness here, love it :)

    Have a wonderful week,

    Patricia & Miguel

  11. WOW, love this pictures!!
    Mónica Sors

  12. Such wonderful photos! Have a lovely day!

    Gemma x

  13. Very cool post, so editorial!


  14. Stunning and creative pictures dear.

    Bernie, xx
    The Style Fanatic

  15. How I love the spread you made. So vibrant!


    Justian Edwin -

  16. Wow, I really liked the colors and the pics :)
    Please, come and check out my page, too!


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