Food and Fun Activities in Boracay #MarinaTravels

Boracay is no short of exciting water activities, stunning beaches, icy, tropical fruit shakes and exotic restaurants and bars. In this post, I'd like to share with you guys some fun activities I got to do during my time there as well as some nice restaurants I dined in. Hopefully, you will find this post both interesting and useful!

→Activities to do in Boracay:

I am not gonna lie, I was so proud of myself for stepping out of my usual comfort zone and trying some new water activities I've never tried before. I'd say helmet diving is probably the most fun out of all them all, it was such a cool experience to be able to breathe underwater and witness all the magnificent sea creatures and the breathtakingly beautiful world under the sea. The instructor diver will assist you as you go under and even help you take photos. I also got to feed the fishes and touch some corals, it was such a special experience!

Paraw sailing to yet another super cool activity to participate while in Boracay. a Paraw is a sailboat with two outriggers and two sails, it is a traditional Filipino water transport. You and your friends basically get to have a private boat cruise experience by sitting (or lying )on the edge of the boat's outriggers and sail into the sunset. I loved the whole experience and during the ride, I felt like a proper, free-spirited pirate, lol.

What better ways to let go of all your troubles and daily work pressure by gliding through the air wearing an open parachute while being towed by a boat? if you agree with me, try Parasailing, simple as that. It is a very liberating and exciting activity.

Paddleboarding is just another thrilling water activity to try out while you are in Boracay, especially for those of you that have always wanted to learn how to surf but never did master the art of surfing. An instructor will first teach you how to get on the paddleboard and then teach you the correct way to row and balance yourself on the paddleboard so that you can basically get around in the open water. It's fun and much easier than surfing!

Snorkeling was loads of fun as well!

- Snorkeling
- Paddleboarding
- Helmet Diving:
- Parasailing
- Paraw Sailing
- Island Hopping
- Visit the Boracay Oceanarium
- Cliff Jumping
- Helicopter Ride

→Dining and Food:
Here are some nice restaurant and bar that I have dined in whilst in Boracay that I'd recommend to you guys! I will stop yapping and let the photos speak for themselves :)

- The endless supply of Coconut Water
- The well-known 7D Mango
- Cha Cha's Beach Cafe
- Henan Regency's Sea Breeze Cafe
- Red Coconut Boracay Restaurant
- Nigi Nigi Nu Noos Restaurant
- Villa De Oro Hotel & Restaurant

 You've been amazing, until next time, Boracay...


  1. Ohh so many cute outfits! Looks like you had a great time there! :)

  2. been to Palawan next time in Philippines i will have to come to boracay

  3. I miss Boracay and I love the travel adventure you had.
    Great photos.

    Much Love,
    Jane |

  4. I always hear amazing things about Boracay. The helmet diving looks so fun! I've never heard of it but I want to try it now! Thanks for sharing your experiences and some beautiful photos!

    life + style blog

  5. This is such a lovely post - love all the photos, they're perfect!!

    Layla x

  6. It looks so pretty there. I love the photos you took.!

  7. What an amazing experience! I want to go so bad. I love the activities you got to do too!

    xx, mel

  8. Wow, a lot of funny activities! Lovely place!
    Kisses, Paola.


  9. Boracay is one of my favorite places! Looks like you had a lot of fun!

    - Cielo
    Mermaid in Heels

    1. I know!!! Boracay is just loads of fun and cool to visit :)

  10. It's such a dreamy place !
    I love the picture where you're around a lot of fishes !
    So fun !

    1. Thanks Margot xx Helmet diving was truly an amazing experience.

  11. This place looks like paradise! I want to go!

    District of Chic

  12. Amazing place, dear! So nice photos, love them so much!

  13. seems like you had so much fun


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