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Ethereal Amsterdam.

Some people are born to be free.
In a world that a propensity to label and categorize things,
they can't be emulated or compartmentalized.
It's all about freedom of mind and thoughts.
Life is not composed of binary choices to them.
Between yes or no, do or don't, forward or backward, copy and paste,
they found an alternative way to live in our simulated society.

It's an ethereal state of being alive.
Few people truly understand you, and that's alright.
Young minds and old souls collide.
It's hot and cold, fire meets ice.
It's thought-provoking and provocative.
Audacious expression of individuality,
the constant flow of creativity torments your mind.

Festival Look 2018 #StyledByMarina

The dry desert wind and cactus roads,
Vintage photography and old film rolls,
Everlasting music mixed with crowds of screams and laughter.

Some teenagers' got old souls
Born in the 90s but seem to have lived through it all.
With our flower crowns and suitcases, forever on the road.
Don't have a care in the world, and was more than fine on our own.

But we have spirits wild as summer daisies and rich as the purest gold.
We speak through poems in artistic lyrical forms.
Yearning for more knowledge and literature to feed the souls.
From Whitman to Emerson, Eliot to Ginsberg.

I've got tattoos on my arms and you've got Woodstock in your mind.
Floral prints and ripped denim jeans covered our bare skins.
Art and music from the golden age are our best company.
The sentimental and nostalgic vibes always bring us to our knees.

With big hearts and big dreams, we were too much for this town they said.
Apparently, too much individuality is not fit for the mundane world.
Those postcards on our bedroom walls are where we will go.
Because not all who wander are lost.

Buy me rosemary and thyme along the way,
For their familiar scents could last an eternity.
Memories over money and sunshine days over rain.
You are more than welcome to join the ride if you are game.

Printed Kimono - Vii&Co
Beaded Top - H&M
Black Sports Pants - Vii&Co
Platform Shoes - H&M


  1. Love the sporty pants with the kimono. Such a cool combination!

  2. Love your Kimono!

  3. Amazing outfit, dear! You look lovely!
    Have a wonderful week!
    Hugs ♥
    Liana Laurie

  4. Pretty festive outfit
    Love the kimono

    Much Love,
    Jane | The Bandwagon Chic

  5. wow pretty look dear your outfit look beautifull on you.. online shopping in pakistan

  6. Not all who wander are lost is my favorite Quote.

    Anne|Linda, Libra, Loca

  7. I loved the photos and the modern way he wore the kimono. Have a great day.

    Blog Paisagem de Janela

  8. That look is so cute! I love the kimono.

  9. That Kimono is everything on you - loving that vibrant color lovely x
    Aicha | <a href="> </a>

  10. Amei o look. Quimono lindo.

  11. Que look lindo. Amei o quimono.

  12. Love this whole outfit!

  13. So chic! Loving the kimono on you dear, such a gorgeous festival vibe.

    Jessica |

  14. you are slaying in this look

  15. Look super stylish.
    Nice photos.

  16. You look so stylishly chic on this outfit

  17. love your look dear!!!!

  18. I love your style you look amazing! amazing pictures!
    Alessa Bernal


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