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Prague is for the Intellectuals

I wrote a poem
Dedicated to the old and new versions of me.
For I was young, headstrong and wild.
A bit more composed and sagacious now.
I got friends, made a few foes.
Witnessed humanity at its high and low.
Too belligerent to made peace with the world.
Wouldn't change a thing though.

I traveled to Prague,
where intellectuals and artists congregate.
Finding peace in chaos and solidarity.
Collecting knowledge in castles ruins and on St. Charles Bridge.
Spring scene filled with Kafka's melancholia and Mucha's elegance.
The ancient spirits they said: sic transit gloria mundi,
Yet I don't see that happening here in Czechia.

Daughter of the Sea.

Unpredictable and full of mystery, like her mother.
Always singing the blues and dress to lament.
Never was what they would say, a conventional being.
Got mood swings like Spring season,
She goes through extreme highs and lows.
You could try but fail to win her heart.
Her true self is a secret that everybody wants to know.

The ocean is her kingdom,
She is a master chameleon.
She could be your best friend and your lover next.
A hopeless romantic by day and a misanthropic poet at night,
Your sweetest memories and worst nightmares.
The fun part is, you never know which version you are getting.

Summoning tenders waves and creating lethal storms.
Swimming with mermaids and enchant sailors with siren songs.
A thousand identities and alter-egos.
A mystical creature with a mind of her own.
Can't be tamed, can't be changed.

Daughter of the sea,
The characteristics are hereditary.
Charismatic and enigmatic,
The hypnotic sensation of the murmuring of the waves;
The beguiling scene of the lapping of the tides is all her doing.
Her mind is a puzzling labyrinth you are bound to get lost within.

As you tread along the golden coastline with warm sands under your feet,
Entranced by the glorious horizon from miles away,
Beware of the daughters of the sea.


  1. I really love the feel of your pictures and your words are so beautiful!

  2. These photos look like retro postcards. I love the effect!

    District of Chic

  3. Your sweetest memories and worst nightmares...I love the feeling of reading these words

  4. So sweet! Loved your photos, they look so vintage. Have a lovely day. xx


  5. That's amazing!
    Have a nice day!
    Gil Zetbase

  6. Breathtaking place... amazing pics as usual!
    Kisses, Paola.


  7. You should make a book of your poetry and photos. There are sites where you can make your own books.

    Allie of

  8. Your style is the best.
    Georgeous look! Thanks for the idea, dear!

    Alexandra | Favorite Summer Maxi Dresses

  9. Your photos are so colorful and pretty! Thank you for sharing your beautiful poetry.


  10. This place looks amazing.
    I love all the photos

    Much Love,
    Jane | The Bandwagon Chic

  11. These pics are amazing and so is your writing!

    Happy Monday, babe!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  12. OMG, I thought it was a cover for a book but actually it's a photogtaph of yours! Love it sooo much!
    I love the concept and I love your style too <3
    Keep it up dear :)


    1. Thank you Chelsea your compliments are truly heartwarming :)

  13. Beautiful post dear!!

  14. Great post.

  15. Your words are heavenly beautiful! Thanks for sharing your art, we love it :D

    Patricia & Miguel


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