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Prague is for the Intellectuals

I wrote a poem
Dedicated to the old and new versions of me.
For I was young, headstrong and wild.
A bit more composed and sagacious now.
I got friends, made a few foes.
Witnessed humanity at its high and low.
Too belligerent to made peace with the world.
Wouldn't change a thing though.

I traveled to Prague,
where intellectuals and artists congregate.
Finding peace in chaos and solidarity.
Collecting knowledge in castles ruins and on St. Charles Bridge.
Spring scene filled with Kafka's melancholia and Mucha's elegance.
The ancient spirits they said: sic transit gloria mundi,
Yet I don't see that happening here in Czechia.

Unintentional Sarcasm. #StyledByMarina

Would you like it all to end?
If nobody is saying what they really mean.
Lies appear prettier and nicer so we play and pretend.
Discreetly wrap it in a delicate candy wrapper,
Sugar coated words and rose-colored glasses,
So long as you don't speak the truth.
Hush now before they think you are rude.
Hush now before he gets offended by you.

Be the ideal girl like the rest of them,
Nod and agree to whatever they want.
Masquerade, soirees with blank desserts and cherries on top.
Adequate dresses and heels that caters to their appeal.
Ladies with their pearls on throats and beauty queen curls.
Is this what you like, are you satisfied?

If you haven't sensed the sarcasm by now,
you are clearly misunderstood.

Apologies if I don't play by your rules,
Actually no, I've got nothing to be sorry for.
Don't need no directions from you because I know me well.
An unconventional thinker, a go-getter, a passionate creator.
Born one of a kind and dare to defy.
And who are you to tie me down?

If you are intimidated, good.
That's the intention I was going for.
If you don't love me, that's alright because I love me.
Honey if you don't find confidence attractive,
you ought to go back to school.

Here's a salute to all the independent ladies,
To all the girls that dare to push the boundaries,
Live fearlessly and courageously.
To all the girls that dare to challenge the norm,
against all odds and circumstances.

Here's to the defiant rule breakers, the pioneering thinkers, and the resilient rebels.


  1. You have such a talent for words and fun!!
    This dress is gorgeous to go along with your wonderful personality!!

  2. Love this look and these fun pictures!

  3. i looove the dress!


  4. That dress is really cool!

  5. Love the power of your words. So inspiring!
    The art and your outfit are so on point!

  6. Your glasses are super cool! These pics are so unique and fun!


  7. Hello!
    you have a fantastic blog. I had to translate an entry into Polish, because I say, write and read mainly in Polish: D you write great, you are a very inspiring and interesting person! I really like it here :) when you have free time, I invite you to myself :)
    Kisses from Poland :*

  8. Gorgeous photos! I love your style!

  9. You look amazing babe.
    I love your writings!

    Much Love,
    Jane | The Bandwagon Chic

  10. Loved your written piece and your styled outfit - really stunning.

  11. Lovely and fun pics you shared.
    Love your style in outfits
    and in writing your blog.
    I hate lies too.


  12. The blog is so wonderfully worded. I really like the pics used to support the content...

  13. I love the way you edit your pictures


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