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Viva La Dolce Vita

"Viva La Dolce Vita."

I'd much rather be here, with the sweet silence.
A state of complete serenity.
With my own steady heartbeat and thoughts.
Nil disturbance, everything I desire already lies within me.

Questa è la dolce vita.
No sudden outburst of redundant emotions, volatile temper.
A mind free of irrelevant opinions, vehemence, and insecurity.
Unlimited and unscrutinized.

To live my life both under the sun and into the night.
Dance through the rain, drink up the bittersweetness of life.
Having my own will yet going with the flow.
Embrace the warmth of the day, welcome the dusky evenings.
Touched by the glorious birth of mother earth.
Graciously accept that all thing must come to end.

Capture It, With Your Eyes, With Your Mind.

Visual Stimulation conjures up the most glorious tales,
Old memories, new fling, and midnight autumn dreams.
They shaped me into a creator, everchanging and transcending,
Evolving into whatever magnificent being I wish to be.
And I wouldn't trade it for anything else.

I vow to use my five senses to love the world,
The landscapes I see on the road,
The elaborate and sorrowful words I write down,
The good memories and bad decision I make,
The exotic cuisine I taste,
The music I hear and the unique scents of each season.

However splendrous or ordinary they might be,
Those are the days of our lives,
We begin our adventure as innocent children, playful and pure.
And then some of us went on to have the most beautiful adolescent years,
All sunshine and rainbow.
But for me, it was more like chaos walking on the school campus,
Trying and failing to fit in.
Still getting over the angst and broken heart.

Now I write stories and poetry,
Documenting my life as I go along,
Since we are bound to feel the euphoria of love, friendship, fame, and success,
and the inevitable disappointment of lies, betrayal, rage, and death.
I shall capture them all. with my own eyes and my own mind.
Including life and all it's beauty and greatness,
not excluding the bad and the rough edges.

To live my truth, to feel alive, to learn with passion, and to be conscious of who I am.


  1. I love both outfit! Your style is so on point
    Mademoiselle Coconath

  2. Beautiful pictures <3


  3. your hair and vibe is so classy vintage.
    New blog post

  4. You have the cutest look ever! Love the photo with the rose wall. Have a lovely day. xx


  5. Such a gorgeous photos! Background with roses is amazing and you look so beautiful!

  6. You're so cute, I love all of these colors!!

    xx Nicole

  7. All of these photos are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing! :)

  8. I love your poetry! It's awesome as are you and your outfits
    xo Leros | AboutEos

  9. Oh I love both of the looks! So gorgeous!

    xoxo Babita

  10. Aw, you're the cutest! I love your outfit and these colorful pictures, reminded me of Frida Kahlo a little bit!

  11. You look so gorgeous dear ♥ and photos are beautiful

  12. ugh adore those tops especially the second one. So retro and can go with anything.


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