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Florence on the Elbe, Dresden in Bloom.

They gave the city a name,
one so graciously given
the residents get to live in eternal splendor.
Within the old town quarters.
Tales of Saxony ensues ever after.  Civilizations bloom and wilt,
Dynasties rise and fall.
Stories after stories are told.

Dresden resembles that of a benign aristocrat.
By Lady Elbe's cordial invite.
Tempted by two bona fide friends with foreign titles
"Semperope and Zwinger", you say?
It's an invitation I shall humbly accept.

London on Film.

It is a city that never ceases to fascinates and inspires,
A place where old meets new, where art meets life,
where roses bloom in plain sight,
where architectures ooze such gravitas and aesthetic,
You'd think you were living in a self-created fantasia.

Behold the man-made magnum opus,
riched in all sort of marvelous tales.
Behind the brick lanes, underneath the castle stairs.

As I meander down the streets of Shoreditch,
I found myself too entranced to leave.
Coming through Westminster, passing Tower Bridge.
Observing the young artists in Camden and East London.
Feeling like a deer caught in headlight in the uproarious Piccadilly Circus.
Reliving all my childhood fantasy at St. Pancras and King's Cross.

Everything is in fast-forward, I just want to slow it down and press rewind.
To admire, to break it down, to analyze, to listen, to savor.
There's simply too much history and too little time.


  1. Woow! amazing photos dear, like it!

  2. Ohhhmmmy this looks amazing.
    Love the photos

    Much Love,
    Jane | The Bandwagon Chic

  3. This is brilliantly written. Loved your images...

  4. As a Londoner I'm very happy to see this and be reminded of how much I love my city!

    1. Oh thanks for this lovely comment, it means a lot xx

  5. You described London so well. It's so incredibly beautiful and inspiring!

  6. Stunning architecture! Would love to visit.

  7. Beautiful pictures!! ;)
    Happy New Year!


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