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Ethereal Amsterdam.

Some people are born to be free.
In a world that a propensity to label and categorize things,
they can't be emulated or compartmentalized.
It's all about freedom of mind and thoughts.
Life is not composed of binary choices to them.
Between yes or no, do or don't, forward or backward, copy and paste,
they found an alternative way to live in our simulated society.

It's an ethereal state of being alive.
Few people truly understand you, and that's alright.
Young minds and old souls collide.
It's hot and cold, fire meets ice.
It's thought-provoking and provocative.
Audacious expression of individuality,
the constant flow of creativity torments your mind.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Continuing my noel adventures,
I wandered to picturesque Rothenburg on December 25th.
Another of the many idyllic and quaint old towns you tend to find in Germany.

I am quite fond of observing people and passersby.
Families and friends congregated in front of coffee shops and bakery,
most of them with smiles on their faces and words of holiday greeting filled the air.
Dressed in their winter attires, adults accompanied by kids and pet hounds.

Toasty, gossamer white smoke making it's way up the chimneys.
Shop windows exquisitely decorated to beauty pageant level.
In screaming colors, desperately for an audience.
Well, the attempt to catch my attention was certainly a success,
as I sure as hell don't know where to look.
Dazzling tinsels, snowflakes in snowglobes, antique toys, and nutcrackers,
and then there's the occasional resounding church bell.
Rothenberg is a giant jubilant Christmas festivity.

TIl next time, xx Marina


  1. Your pictures look amazing! Rothenburg looks like such a cute city :)

  2. This place looks like from some kind of story... so captivating! I love your killer looks!
    Happy day!

  3. It's so lovely there, just like a place in a fairy tale! You look beautiful, and I love the colors you're wearing!

  4. what a magical place to visit! It looks like a place for a fairy tale.

    Your outfits are your coats!

    1. oh Thank you Ivana that's so sweet of you :) x

  5. What a wonderful place and just like what you read about in books!! You are so lucky to be able to experience it.

    1. I am :) it's an incredible experience !
      Thanks for the lovely message.

  6. WONDERFUL PHOTOS!! So colorful!!! <3 <3 <3 -

  7. Lovely pictures and place, I'd like to visit it! :)

  8. I love all of these pictures, as well as the architecture and bright colors!! I would love to visit that place :)

    Geraldine |

    1. Hey Geraldine, you totally should :) Thanks for the lovely comment :)

  9. Beautiful pictures!

    Mariya |

  10. Wow, what amazing photos! I love the bright vibrant colours. Thank you for sharing! <3 xx

    Bexa |

  11. Such a beautiful city to play tourist. You look great.

  12. Your photographer took really good photos!

  13. What a beauty... Abounding in charm and charisma, Rothenburg ob der Tauber promises a delightfully medieval vacation from the modern world at any time of year.
    Visit here


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