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Prague is for the Intellectuals

I wrote a poem
Dedicated to the old and new versions of me.
For I was young, headstrong and wild.
A bit more composed and sagacious now.
I got friends, made a few foes.
Witnessed humanity at its high and low.
Too belligerent to made peace with the world.
Wouldn't change a thing though.

I traveled to Prague,
where intellectuals and artists congregate.
Finding peace in chaos and solidarity.
Collecting knowledge in castles ruins and on St. Charles Bridge.
Spring scene filled with Kafka's melancholia and Mucha's elegance.
The ancient spirits they said: sic transit gloria mundi,
Yet I don't see that happening here in Czechia.

Rendezvous in Brugge, Belgium.

Let's rendezvous in Brugge, the town that seems to pop straight out of a Brother Grimes' otherworldy folktales. The bustling Grote Market place surrounded by delightful townhouses that bear resemblance to gingerbread cookies The juxtaposition of intricate neo-gothic basilicas and baroque palaces mesmerized passerby. The architectures screaming for attention in the most gracious and grandiose of ways.

I have a proclivity of falling in love with each European city I visit, much more deeply than I do with other human beings. The beauty and personality of a historical city are almost tangible, you could witness great art and literature as you walk through the winding old town roads, relive history at each corner you turn, so viscerally presented and unfold before your eyes.

As the winter sun blazed down of an incandescent sky and shines over the scenic canals overgrown with weeping willows and rosa swinging tantalizingly in the air, tourists on canal boats waving at us as they cruise by. At this precise moment, I am absolutely, wholeheartedly in love. Isn't that more than enough as it is?


  1. Your pictures are stunning and I'm also in love with your writing style! I'm constantly falling in love with architecture too and you've nailed it in the way you talk about the romance of it all. I've subscribed to your newsletter. Can't wait to read more from you!

    1. Aww this is such a sweet comment, I truly appreciate it! Thank you darling x

  2. I absolutely adore your photos in this post - how stunning! It looks like you had a fantastic time in Belgium, I'm incredibly jealous. x
    El | Welsh Wanderer

    1. Thank you dear fr your lovely comment, it means a lot!

  3. I'm looking at travelling to Brugge, so I'm loving these photos. It looks gorgeous!

    Shannon x

    1. It's beyond beautiful, you have to go :)!! and thank you for the sweet comment!

  4. Once again, your photos are beautiful! They make me want to travel so much! Super jealous!💕

    1. Thanks girl :)) well you live in sunny Cali and I'd give anything to visit L.A. again !

  5. That's incredible: I'm in Brugge now... I love this magical city!
    Kisses, Paola.


  6. Absolutely gorgeous!! Great pics :)

  7. Europe is such a beautiful place to be! I love the buildings and the unique architecture... all very worldly and enchanting. -

    1. I couldn't agree more with you , there are so much history and art :)


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