Vienna is for the Old Souls - Volume 1

"The perfect escapade is that without an elaborate plan,
no strings attached nor worries ahead,
a conscious mind and an insatiable thirst for change.
Brace yourself, darling,
where we are headed is for the old souls."

Bound for Vienna, a city with a gorgeous name,
its beauty unfairly lasts perhaps for more than a thousand years.
Like an eternal flower that never wilts, been through greats wars, empires rise and fall.
Marked by footprints of prolific artists, romantic poets, and formidable politicians.

Strolling through Stephansplatz under the March blue sky, I'm seeing colors and shades of gold.
Just like that, I feel whole once again. When the church bells rang at St. Stephen's Cathedral, I looked up and all the melancholy emotions just evaporated. Funny how traveling can do to a person, sometimes I swear it's the antidote to everything, the answers to the enigma we called life.

I'm reliving history, pretending to be royalty in the chambers of Schonnbrun. The past can take me away from the present time even if it's for just a second. Renaissance castles with spiraling staircase whispering stories of a thousand years. If you follow the breadcrumbs left by the predecessors, you could find the hidden crown jewel.

The Belvedere sure as hell lived up to its name, a timeless beauty reciting legends of kings, queens, and aristocrats. It's the place where Impressionism and Art Nouveau cross path, where creative visions are encapsulated and immortalized. Golden tales of Gustav Klimt and the invigorating life of Empress Sisi could occupy my thoughts for a while.

I am currently writing stories of my own in Cafe Central located in Herrengasse, Vienna. A historical coffee place so graciously aged like a bottle of fine wine, a place graced by formidable literary figures and renowned world changers. Will you come on the next journey with me?


  1. I have been there once and it is very nice and clean city.

  2. OMG! What a beautiful set of pictures. You look amazing! Vienna is on my bucket list, I really hope I'll go there some day.

    xo, Andreea |

  3. I don't know how many times I was in Vienna and every time when I went there I found some new place of that beautiful city that completely amazed me! You photos are gorgeous!

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    1. You are so lucky to have been there so many times! Vienna is definitely a city I'd love to visit again !

  4. All your photos look amazing, what a beautiful city and such stunning architecture! :)

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend :) It's a quiet one here as it's still so hot, too hot for autumn!

    Away From The Blue

  5. I absolutely loved Vienna when I visited it a few years back. The art and architecture in particular and you managed to capture the city so beautifully. And can we talk about your gorgeous look? Great post here xx


  6. Wow love your writing and indeed travelling can do crazy things with a human being. Love the layout of your pictures how did you do the polaroid-effect? I love it!

    1. Thank you and yes indeed they are polaroid effects :) x

  7. Wow i would love to visit this one day.
    Great photos.

    Much Love,

  8. Europe makes me feel that way too. Especially since it is so far removed from where I live. I adore all the grandness and history behind every single square kilometre. I've never been to Vienna but it's definitely on the list.


    1. I know right, Europe is simply an enchanting continent :)

  9. Vienna is one of my favourite cities! Breathtaking pics!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


  10. Such cool picture of the city :)
    x Sophia from

  11. Beautiful pictures :)

  12. It’s so beautifully stunning there. And I agree, even the name is beautiful.

    life + style blog

  13. So much art and history! I love it!
    Your travel posts are always on point!

  14. It's beautiful there!
    xx- Nina

  15. Vienna stands as one of the most beautiful places of the world. If you want to refresh your mind you can visit this wonderful city.
    Leland West

  16. Your photos are SO gorgeous! You've given me the travel bug! I have been to Austria but never Vienna. It is on my bucket list now :)

  17. I'm suuuuuper keen to visit Vienna; I've never seen a bad picture from the city! The all-gold room looks like a total (Instagram) dream haha ;) x


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