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Prague is for the Intellectuals

I wrote a poem
Dedicated to the old and new versions of me.
For I was young, headstrong and wild.
A bit more composed and sagacious now.
I got friends, made a few foes.
Witnessed humanity at its high and low.
Too belligerent to made peace with the world.
Wouldn't change a thing though.

I traveled to Prague,
where intellectuals and artists congregate.
Finding peace in chaos and solidarity.
Collecting knowledge in castles ruins and on St. Charles Bridge.
Spring scene filled with Kafka's melancholia and Mucha's elegance.
The ancient spirits they said: sic transit gloria mundi,
Yet I don't see that happening here in Czechia.

Florence on the Elbe, Dresden in Bloom.

They gave the city a name,
one so graciously given
the residents get to live in eternal splendor.
Within the old town quarters.
Tales of Saxony ensues ever after. 
Civilizations bloom and wilt,
Dynasties rise and fall.
Stories after stories are told.

Dresden resembles that of a benign aristocrat.
By Lady Elbe's cordial invite.
Tempted by two bona fide friends with foreign titles
"Semperope and Zwinger", you say?
It's an invitation I shall humbly accept.

Shall I ride the sweet current of the Elbe,
surrender to the great unknown.
Perhaps the mere sight of this Baroque beauty
Could mend my sorrowful heart.
and quench my insatiable soul.


  1. Nice pictures and also loving your outfit!

  2. This is absolutely stunning! I love the poetry and photos. Beautiful composition, colors, outfit, everything. Thank you for sharing.

  3. These are amazing photos and makes me want to book a trip to Florence right now! It's been a while since I was there last. Thanks for sharing! xoxo, Christine

  4. Oh this photos were so fun to scroll through. I loved seeing them, and your head to toe red look si great and a nice contrast against the city backdrop

    Allie of

  5. Beautiful photography and poetry. Florence is wonderful. I'd love to visit it too.
    You look fantastic in those red pants and blazers. Such a chic and pretty look!

  6. This post couldn't get any more beautiful and inspiring. I love it!

  7. Stunning photos. Gorgeous outfit. Beautiful words! I absolutely love your whole vibe and style in writing, fashion, and photography! Thanks for sharing.


  8. Gorgeous pics :)


  9. Love the first picture! :)

  10. So beautiful! Both you and the views, what a wonderful experience to look at that place with your own eyes!


  11. A great post! I love your blog < 3
    I am following you and invite you to me

  12. So rich in history and full of architectural master pieces! I love Florence!
    Great look hun!
    Kisses, Paola.


  13. I've always loved the artistic vibe to your blog, though even more so with this post. You show the location in a beautiful way! x

  14. Wow!! These pics are so gorge, babe!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  15. This is incredible!! Love your outfit!!


  16. So in love with this perfect travel look!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  17. Beautiful pictures. I hope, I will visit Florence sometime soon. LOved your red outfit. xx

    Nina's Style Blog

  18. Que fotos lindas, amei o look

  19. I love these shots from Florence! You're rocking your outfits!!! It is so cool to see the history behind these buildings. Glad you had a great time out there ♥

    Nancy ♥

  20. Wow! Florence is amazing! I love the architecture and the design! Amd your photos shows how great Florence is! This makes me want to visit this place.

    Only Yesterday

  21. You look so, so stylish in this red tartan blazer! You always find the most spectacular architecture and location darling. Hope you're having a fabulous week so far! x

  22. All of your photos are so beautiful! The architecture there is amazing and I love the outfit you wore!

    x Kara |

  23. Wow these photos are so beautiful!
    xx- Nina

  24. Wow, these photos are absolutely beautiful! I love your gorgeous outfit, and the architecture is amazing!

  25. Absolutely beautiful.. stunning architecture.

  26. Such stunning photos!!
    xx Jenelle |


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