Quarantine Episode Two: the Reckoning

We had it coming,
this is the reckoning.

Toxic commercialism and a broken system.
Neon signs overshadow the harsh truth. 
Idolism to the point beyond salvage. 
We are suffocating but we love every minute of it.

Go ahead and laugh, at our ignorance, condemn our indifference. 
Too afraid to be ridiculed to make a stand.
We are paying the price of our predecessors.
They are our heroes, the epitome of success, or are they really?
The pioneers built the dazzling city and its infrastructures for us to reside.
Who were we to know the foundation it was built upon hides the treacherous truth of inequality. 
Their last pleas are buried by the scream of false news flashes and tweets.

We have borrowed more than we could ever repay.
Stalling the time we no longer have the luxury to access.
Here we are starring at our final resting place, where it could have been our Thorne.
For our indiscretions and cowardice, 
now the beginning of our lives is the end.


  1. Great thought provoking words.


  2. Wow!! Tough (and true) words!!


    Curly Style

  3. cool words!
    thanks for sharing!!


  4. Very true words, filled with deep meaning!!!


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