Hotel Denouement

It was sad to the core,
Bad from the start,
Happy for the most part.
Hotel Denouement was always at the terminal station,
A place we were destined to reach.
Was it for the best? A question was all I was left with.
Still it was the best time, full of adrenaline and anticipation.

The time of my life,
Northern rain and sunshine.
Chilly seasides and small town escapes.
The purest of hearts, mid 20s and fun.
Endless car rides on A1,
Meet-ups between state lines.
Didn’t realise the yearns for summertime
Til it was winter again.
You were scared of promises,
I was always headstrong.
The words you didn’t let out,
I had them on repeat in my head.

Everything has changed,
But will I do it all over again?
An hour late for noon check out,
Those memories still lurk out,
Just every once in while now…


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