It was a cruel winter but we had each other

We had each other briefly,

I loved that you were mine.

Was I too fast? Were you not in your right mind?

We were polar opposite, but didn’t you say you like that?

It was a cruel winter, but we had each other.

The best Christmas and new year, as short as it lasted.

For all the things I said which you took it to heart, I regretted.

But I was being me, in all true colours with no pretence.

You said you saw another side of me you fear,

You won’t accept; and for you I wouldn’t change 

Little did I realise, you were as pure as porcelain, too delicate to handle.

Thank you for being there with me when I needed you the most.

Now I write poetry at night, the affairs fuel my inspiration 

Like the morning snow on my doorstep, you disappeared in a blink of an eye.

We both moved on fast, and I always knew, if I lost you, I still have me,

I can’t possibly lose.


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